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Short Films 101 How to Make a Short Film and Launch Your Filmmaking Career Book Cover Short Films 101 How to Make a Short Film and Launch Your Filmmaking Career
Frederick Levy
The Berkley Publishing Group

Filmmaking students should read “Short Films 101 How to Make a Short Film and Launch Your Filmmaking Career” it is recommended as s a must read book for anyone involved in  cinema production. It has a tremendous amount of resources and information that is useful for new cinema production students. It begins with an explanation of what exactly a short film is. It also discusses how useful short films are in helping to launch a film makers career. In this book it lists the four basic formats of shorts. Then it breaks down the various genres of films.  Although this book contains much important essentials on how to create short film my favorite sections in the book are the ones that include actual successful film maker’s real life experiences. They help give an idea of what the journey of a film maker is like. It demonstrations their set backs, their successes, and the lessons they learned.

Short Films 101 not only gives written instructions it includes work sheets such as how to fill out SAG paperwork and budget examples. These visuals made it simple for a reader to have an exact idea of what a budget should include. It also showed simple step by step how to complete SAG papers.Another bit of useful information that is mentioned in book is how to get stars to join your film. It  lists creative and some times free ways to get a set location. This information is helpful for beginning filmmakers because students often do not have large sums of funds to pay for pricey locations to pay at. In addition it gives some ideas on how to get crew members for low wages or even for free. The book also has some information on how to distribute your film and advice on how to get the right people to see it.

This filmmaking book has a an appendix at the end of the book listing various film schools throughout the world. It lists all the details such as school’s names, website, and phone number making it simple for students to research the schools quickly. In the appendix area there is a list of Oscar-winning shorts. This is a good list to view so that filmmakers can watch and learn from the best examples of short films that have been successful. One of the best lists in the book is the list of different short film festivals. This is important so that students can start researching the festivals and finding out the dates that they take place so that they will be well in advance prepared to enter their film. The last list contains multiple filmmaking software links that makes it easy for readers to explore the different  tools and programs.

Overall this book contains a wealth of information for new film makers. Even seasoned film veterans can use this book to get tips on budgeting for a film, examples of good film work, and to view lists of useful editing information. I enjoyed reading this book because it is simple to read. Plus it has topics that are extremely useful if you are trying to market your work and be  successful in cinema production.

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