How to fight Depression and your Timid Behaviour?

I am talking about people who are not quite social and barely talk to someone. They are so afraid to take any big step. Their lives are just full of compromises and other people take advantage of it.

For Example

Whenever they lend anything to someone, they are quite reluctant to take it back. Because they are too shy.


Weak Communication Skills

It is quite obvious that introverts and timid people are not very good in communicating. They seldom speak and they talk only when they are talked to. Their hands & legs start shaking when they talk, words don’t come out of their mouth as they were supposed. In the end, listener does not pay much attention to them.


No Late Night Parties

Introverts mostly stay at home and they try to avoid the outer World as much as possible. A person outside the house seems like an alien to them. They are comfortable only with their family members. They don’t go to trips, parties, ceremonies or any other social activity.

There are many other things they don’t do and which is really sad. I wish I can help them because I too have experienced all that.



Now after saying all that, I would say “Being shy, timid or depressed is like a curse”. It completely destroys you and take away everything. You should cope with it as soon as possible.


How to get rid of your Shyness and Timidness?

 Just do one thing, don’t give a damn about other people. Don’t care what people think or what they will think about you. They are not the one to judge you. So never waste your time on what they say to you. I also assure you that not everyone thinks the same about you. There are many people who think you are great. You just need to start believing yourself.

I was once too just like you but I got control of myself. Now I am bold and confident. You can do it too. Just focus on the line written below that changed my life and my way of thinking.

I know I am important, because God does not create garbage.


Message for Introvert and Timid People

Do other people care about you? Do they give a damn about you? Does it make you abnormal if some stupid bunch of people ridicule you? Is it written somewhere that you are inferior?

I know you are not good in communicating but it’s OK. Not everyone is master in it. Millions of people take lectures, attend classes and go to seminars just to improve their communication skills. So you are not alone and it is totally normal not being good in communicating.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share it with your introvert and shy friends 🙂


Image Credits go to EdwardMusiak

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