Fifty Shades Of Grey – Who Can Resist?  

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Fifty Shades Of Grey is the first in a trilogy by E.L. James next to Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

The movie brings in Anastasia Steele, a college student, who agreed to represent her roommate/best friend and an aspirant press, Kate, to interview the strange business magnate, Christian Grey. Uncomfortable and tense, Ana caught Christian’s eyes.

Though Mr. Grey is restraining, at first, to get involved with her, they both figured out a romantic attachment that made Christian sets up Ana to control her in his playroom.

E.L James crafted the story from the Twilight: Master of the Universe and revised it to a more distinct story. Fifty Shades Of Grey was released in 2011 and became very much popular. After an auction, Universal Focus acquired the rights to the story. And Mr. Grey’s followers have been hanging on every detail and progress about the film since then.

The soft copy was sent to me by a workmate four years ago. And so I can’t resist reading it because everyone does. And they’re talking about it. As expected, it is crammed with stifling moments. Love, pity and tragic secrets were hurled as Ana discovers Christian’s back story.

Thank goodness, the director and the screenwriter shred the squirming dialogues from the book while still complying with the narrative’s basis. The scenes from Fifty Shades Of Grey are authentically crafted. The vanilla pleasure, handcuffs, Ana’s punishments; it would always leave the audience tongue tied.

There is an amusing appeal right from the start; a charming approach between Ana and Christian in their meet-ups.

Nevertheless, I regret that Jamie Dornan never showed anything apart from the good looks and hot packs. I’m looking for that blaze described by James in the book. Where’s the storm in Christian’s eyes? It also seems that he is not as much as creepy in the movie. There’s uncomfortable next to awkward shrugs too in some part. It is not connecting.

But Dakota Johnson is surprising. She’s so faithful to the character. She digs the art portraying Anastasia Steele in or out of the bedroom; very much persuading.

Ana was improved into a gorgeous, remarkable character admirable of her complex and interesting scenario than the book. Johnson has set personality and uniqueness of her own. She’s sharp and feisty than the Ana I expected.

Although Fifty Shades Of Grey is full of steamy scenes, I want to focus on the unadulterated emotional intensity of the movie.

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Further than the erotic scenes, the core of this romantic movie is that someone with an unkind and resentful personal history was transformed totally different from what he has been in the past. It’s because of his one great love.


R (for strong sexual content including dialogue, some unusual behavior, language and graphic nudity)

Genre: Romance

Directed By: Sam Taylor-Johnson, Sam Taylor-Wood

Written By: Kelly Marcel, E.L. James 

Runtime: 1 hr. 50 min.


Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, Jennifer Ehle as Carla, Eloise Mumford as Kate

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