Feline Melanoma- Sphynx Cat Skin Cancer Prevention

Sphynx cat skin cancer prevention is of primary importance during the summer. Feline melanoma is a problem among hairless cats right throughout the year. However, as the seasons change, your hairless cat is at risk of being sunburned or suffering more extensive skin damage.

In black, striped or white cats, skin cancer can cause pain which could have been avoided in some cases. Owners who are aware that their hairless cats can develop feline melanoma usually take steps to prevent overexposure to sunlight. There are several sunscreens which are considered the best sunscreen for canines. However, not all of these are safe for cats.

Cats can develop skin tumors and hairless cats such as the Sphynx are more susceptible because they have less protection. If you want to prevent cat melanoma, you will often need to take other steps. Your cats eyes are particularly sensitive and cat eye skin cancer can be a problem, just as with dogs.


Melanoma in Cats- Watch Out for Sunburn with Other Hairless Cats

Sphynx cat skin cancer prevention involves protecting your cat’s skin at all time, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Sphynx cat skin care is easier than it looks and sometimes just involves regulating where your cat naps.

Even an indoor cat can be exposed to excessive sunlight when they sleep near a window or in an area that gets lots of sunlight. Cat houses for indoor cats can help them to keep protected from the sun on warm and very hot days.

Sphynx cat skin care is very important and cat people should pay particular attention to their cat’s eyes. Hairless cats can develop melanoma on various parts of their bodies. Sphynx cats can even develop melanoma in their eyes. Malignant melanoma can spread from one localized spot on your cat’s body to other areas.

Sunscreen for a Sphynx cat should completely protect their nose  and help hinder rashes in those with unstable skin. People with cats that have faintly colored and hairless skin should manage their skin and endeavor to ensure that they are not overexposed to the sun’s energy.

Some people use coconut oil for cats skin. Using coconut oil for your skin helps to keep it supple and moist. Using coconut oil for cats skin helps to prevent dryness and itchiness.

Any cat that is light colored or losing their hair is more susceptible to sunburn. Hairless cats and other hairless pets can in like manner be antagonistically impacted by an abundance of sun and may develop skin infections or other issues related to their wellbeing.

Sphynx Cat Feline Melanoma Prevention


Sphynx Cat Skin Cancer Prevention

Sphynx Cat Skin Cancer Prevention


Sphynx Cat Skin Care- Is Your Sphynx Cat Sunburned?

Is your Sphynx cat sunburned? The signs of sunburn in a cat are similar to those in human beings. However, they may not be as obvious. For this reason, you should always use a sunscreen before letting your cat out.

They may be badly sunburned before you even notice. This can happen indoors as well, not just outdoors. If your cat is in a room that gets plenty of direct sunlight, they can be sunburned. A typical sign of sunburn in a Sphynx cat is if your cat turns darker in color or has developed a tan.

Sphynx Cat Skin Cancer Prevention- Their Nose and Other Areas on Their Body to Protect

Just like a pooch’s nose, a cat’s nose is a champion among the most tricky zones on their body, with respect to pitiless sunshine. Distinctive areas of skin that should be guaranteed protection at all times are on the tips of their ears, a feline’s paunch and diverse spots where there is zero hair to shield it from sunlight.

These sensitive areas should be protected as much as possible. Remember, while melanoma is not always malignant, it can become that way. Malignant melanoma in cats can spread to the lymph nodes, where it betimes easier for cancer cells to spread to other areas of your cat’s body.


Sphynx Cat Skin Cancer Prevention- Protect with Safe Brands

When you are selecting sunscreen for your kitten, you should constantly look for a brand that is okay for them, despite their behavior. It should be safe when they endeavor to lick it off. Confirm with manufacturers when necessary or simply stick to sunscreens that unequivocally express that they are planned for cats. Do whatever it takes not to use a sunblock for humans on canines or felines or apply one for cats to puppies.


Sphynx Cat Skin Cancer Prevention- Visit Your Veterinarian

If you suspect that your Sphynx cat has been in the sun too long and may be sunburned, you should take them to your vet. Burns can do serious damage and it’s better to be safe with your kitten. Your vet will clean the burned skin and apply creams which help the skin to heal. If your cat is really badly burned, they may need to be treated in hospital for a little while. A liquid diet can help cats in this state.


Sphynx Cat Skin Cancer Prevention- Cat Clothes

Epi Pet Spray for Pets is a sunscreen that is safe for dogs but not for Sphynx cats. It offers these benefits to any dog in your house:

  • It is the primary FDA supported sunscreen for felines.
  • It can safely be used on your dog’s skin
  • Epi Pet Spray physically impedes the sun’s radiation
  • It is not slick it won’t mess your car up or stick to your pooch and cause their hair to tangle
  • You can easily sprinkle it on in any area via the useful valve

Your canine may also benefit by using:

  • Petkin Doggy Sunstik, Vanilla Coconut
  • Snoutstick Nose Balm for Dogs
  • Doggles Pet Sunscreen

None of those are safe for cats. If you want both your dog and cat to play outside safely, cat clothes like these are good sun protection for them. Cat clothes will help to protect most of their body from the sun. In this way, cat clothes can help to prevent cancer in hairless cats.

If your hairless cat has been frequently sunburned in the past or you see signs of skin damage that concern you, take them to their vet. Cats that have cancer can be fed special diets and put on treatments that help them to beat the disease.


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