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Speed is only one of the factors that helps some writers earn more money. E01 Flickr 


Successful writers know that some writers earn more money than others. Your work habits often dictate your productivity. Efficient writers generally earn more money so if you want to earn a little extra cash, try these tips.


Productive authors, such as Barbara Cartland, Janet Evanovich, and others, set daily writing schedules. Some write early in the morning, but others choose to write in the afternoon or at night. Do you have a daily writing schedule?


Track your writing time for one week. Each hour, write down your word count, amount of time actually spent on writing, and other relevant information. Are you surprised? Make a daily schedule that puts your writing session in the most productive hours. Do your promotion, research, playing on social media, and other tasks during your low efficiency periods.


Bob Bly, a well-known and successful copywriter, says, “First things first.” He prioritizes his work so that he meets deadlines. Yes, it might be more fun to post your weekend adventures on Facebook, but prioritizing means you need to finish that piece that is due tomorrow before playing on Facebook. 


In college, students quickly learn the importance of Bly’s words. If they do not prioritize, they fall behind and often drop out of classes. Making to-do lists helps many people stay on track. It is very easy to overlook a project meeting at work or writing assignments, such as the pieces I ghostwrite for clients. Review your to-do lists at the beginning of each day’s session and at the end of the session to stay on top of your tasks.


Here are a few suggestions for relevant lists or a planner:


  • Daily projects: deadlines for day and next day, time for gathering ideas or finding client assignments, and writing goals
  • Week at a glance: assignments due that week or other important dates, writing goals in time or word count, and ideas for future pieces
  • Month and beyond: upcoming holidays or events to write about, upcoming assignments, etc.


Learn to write! I hear you: but, Terrie, I already know how to write! Really? Yes some of you do. Be honest with yourself and analyze your work. Do you struggle with grammar, punctuation, and the word flow? These speed bumps sucks valuable writing time. If you are spinning flowery, impressive writing, you are tossing valuable time in the trash. Write relevant, clean, and precise prose. Like flowery writing? Try free form poetry!


Be flexible. Don’t spin your wheels on one article. Is a piece not flowing easily? Go to another one! Always have two or more articles in mind for flexibility. Approaching a deadline? Or have you been snagged at that point earlier? Do more research. Sometimes, more facts will give you a fresh approach.


Drop it! Some projects may be too difficult. For example, I once picked up an assignment that had been waiting for an author for over a month. It became obvious that it would be impossible to write to the client’s specifications. I did what the other prolific writers had done: I dropped it!


Clients, web sites, and other markets pay writers by the piece. No hourly wage for writers! Becoming a fast, efficient writer will help you fatten your bank account because fast writers earn more money consistently.

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