Fashion Staples Worth Splurging On

Every wardrobe needs to have some basic fashion staples. These are go-to piece that can be counted on to stay in fashion for more than 25 minutes. When it comes to purchasing fashion staples, this is not an area to scrimp. As a matter of fact, if you are ever going to splurge, now is the time. You want these fashion staples to give you years of good service and the best way to guarantee that is to buy the highest quality items that you can reasonably afford, even a little beyond what you can really afford.

Leather jacket

Choosing a great black or brown leather jacket is an investment in years of great looks. When you spurge on leather, you get higher quality construction as well as better quality material. You will also get a better zipper and a lining that won’t be ripping and falling apart after one season. By choosing a classic style such as the bomber or a classic blazer, you guarantee that when next year and the year after that roll around, you will be heading for your closet to get out your great leather jacket.

Cashmere turtleneck

While every wardrobe needs to have several basic turtlenecks, it is worth splurging on one or two that are made of cashmere. A good option might be to go for a black and maybe a red, both of which will offer lots of opportunities to mix and match. If you are really into a splurge, then invest in a fashion color that is popular this year and be prepared to wear it anyway when it goes out of style next year.

Great everyday handbag

Let’s face it, the everyday handbag is the workhorse of every woman’s wardrobe, and splurging on a good quality leather bag brings a very good return. While initially it is a splurge, the years of service that you get from it makes it a worthwhile investment. Be sure not to splurge on a fake, check the construction of the bag, and buy it from a reputable dealer.

Pair of heels

You don’t have to take a mortgage to get a great pair of shoes, but they can certainly be a splurge. When it comes to style, wearability and quality construction, shoes are not the place to cut corners. Buy the best that you can and be sure to get a classic style that will work this year and beyond. Don’t splurge on the latest fashion — that will be a bad investment.

Black suit

Whether it is pant or skirt suit, a good quality suit is a staple of any business woman’s wardrobe. If you don’t go into the office, you might want to take this money and splurge on a little black dress. Both a black suit and a little black dress are splurge worthy and there will be no regrets for buying them.

paintThese are just a few of the wardrobe staples that you may want to splurge on. The good thing about these items is that if you can’t get them all this season, you can add them in next season and continue to build a really superior-quality wardrobe.

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