Fanduel NBA Lineup 12/16/2014

When it comes to fantasy basketball you really have to stay informed.

Just because you put together what looks like an amazing roster first thing in the morning it can quickly turn into a disaster by mid-afternoon. Take, for instance, my first attempt earlier in the day. From what I read online, Anthony Davis was deemed questionable to play again tonight. When he is out, Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday receive a tremendous bump in fantasy production. As such, I had them both in my Fanduel NBA lineup.

Less than an hour ago, however, I learned that Anthony Davis will play against the Utah Jazz. Of course this meant that I had to completely scrap my original lineup and start all over. Fortunately, I learned this with plenty of time to make the necessary corrections. Hopefully, this will pay off big time in my GPP tournaments this evening.

Fanduel NBA Lineup 12/16/2014

PG – Russell Westbrook – $10,100

As you check out this roster you will quickly see that I am paying up for a few superstars tonight. Despite Kevin Durant’s return, Russell Westbrook is still playing out of his mind. He has posted more than 40 fantasy points over his last six games and I do not expect that to change against the Kings.

PG – John Wall – $10,000

Any time John Wall is at home I try and work him into my lineup. This guy is an absolute beast on his home court averaging almost 20 points, 5 boards, 10 assists, and a couple of steal per game. What’s more, the Timberwolves have a really hard time stopping opposing points guards. It could be another 50+ point night if everything goes according to the plan.

SG – Tim Hardaway Jr. – $4,000

When you pay up for the big guys you have to find value somewhere. Tim Hardaway Jr. is my value pick of the night. If JR Smith is out, Hardaway becomes even a better selection and could see 30 minutes on the court once again.

SG – Tyreke Evans – $7,500

Tyreke scares me a bit tonight. His salary is up a bit due to his back-to-back 50+ point nights. With Davis back in the lineup tonight his production could fall back to earth. Of course, Evans always seems to play better at home so I am running with him in most of my lineups tonight.

SF – Draymond Green – $7,500

I always seem to miss this guy’s good nights. I grab him and he posts 28 points. I don’t and he posts 50. If he can stay out of foul trouble, I expect him to do well again tonight.

SF – Shawne Williams – $3,600

I absolutely hate this selection. Despite his near minimum salary, I simply do not know what to expect from this dude. To make it worth while, Williams needs to score 18 overall fantasy points. With Chris Bosh out that might be possible. If Dwayne Wade was out I would feel more comfortable about him reaching that level.

PF – Zach Randolph – $7,500

Zach Randolph is another guy that I really do not like to roster. I never seem to get him on his good nights. He has been posting 30+ point games lately, and seeing how many shots the Dubs take every night, I think Zach may actually pay off for me for a change. 

PF – Kris Humphries – $4,800

While Kris is still the starter he has some work to do to keep his spot. With that being said. tonight Humphries is definitely a threat to post another double-double against the T-Wolves who are terrible at rebounding.

C – Mason Plumlee – $4,900

This play only works if Brook Lopez is out. If he is, I expect Plumlee to be able to easily pay off his salary and then some. If he can get his shots to fall, and can grab 10 to 15 boards, it will be a really successful night of basketball.

What do you think about this Fanduel NBA lineup? What would you switch out for GPP games?

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