The Experiment movie review

This movie is about a strange experiment which takes place in the United States. A bunch of normal nobodies in need of money, apply for a job vacancy in the paper. Their job is to take part in a scientific experiment in a secluded make shift prison. A few of them are selected to be prisoners and some to be guards. Will the power go to the guards heads, and will madness become reality. This movie The Experiment is a remake of an older German movie named Das Experiment. The two actors who stand out the most in this movie are Forest Whitaker and Adrian Brody. Maybe this is because they are the most well known faces, but they do play great roles in this.

96 minutes long

Made in the United States

released on 15th July 2010

Rated 15

Budget was 21.8 million dollars


For me this was one of them types of movies, which ended up being completely different and much better than I thought it was going to be. This is a movie which just seemed to appear in my house, it is not something I was looking out for. Although, it did end up being a really enjoyable movie packed with gritty drama.

This movie starts off really nice, showing what a soft natured and mild man, Brody’s character Travis is. Travis’s soft nature is soon to be put to the test though, as he is soon to become a prisoner and victim of some crazy science experiment. I thought Forest Whitaker does a great job in this movie with his character. He gets assigned as one of the guards. An over bearing in the real world has left with major psychological problems, which are about to show themselves with devastating effects.

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that this is going to be one of the most amazing movies you will ever see, because that would be a lie. But I am going to state that I do think this is a movie worth watching. There are loads of great actors and character in this, besides the one’s already mentioned. All the all do a great job to contributing to this production. If I do have one problem regarding this movie, it would be the 15 rating it has been given. There are a few very hard hitting scene’s through out, one scene especially is rather gruesome. Overall I would say this is a movie worth a watch, so it comes recommended from me.

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