Existence Of Technical Debt In The Real World

Life is all about acing the unknown and it is similar in the business world. However abstract or tradeoff it may be, technical debt in the real word plays a vital role in the existence of company developing software. In fact, the real life has limited choice for comparison like technical deb has in the business world. Evaluation of tech debt for a particular code, determining the user attitude and probability of a particular code, how would the feature function and be liked by the users are all those unknown factors which has to be balanced by a software company.

Technical Debt In The Real World

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Balance Of Unknowns

Apart from that the time it would take and how slow it would make, should any costly approach be implemented and how much effective it would be are also some questions that would creep into the mind. Literally, it is a careful judgment and balance of unknowns. Luckily for the software companies, there are some useful and some better options for making such complex decisions. It is not possible to pick up an easy extreme and would be unwise as well. Instead, a careful and disciplined approach should be taken to make proportional and calculated investment in paying and preventing debt.

Focus Of Energy

You energy is focused in formulating process and changes in technicality precisely within those areas in particular that are responsible to slow your code down and is causing the biggest waste of energy and efficiency. It is better to know where to invest rather than to make any abstract choices. When you are sure that you have to focus on better designing you can be sure that the other areas like better process and quality of code along with paying down any existing debt has been taken care of as well. Though the teams may be different but working as one whole integrated system would enable them to view the entire code application from a holistic point of view.

Room For Investments

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Room For Investments

Once such gains in global usage can be determined and visualized it is time to ensure that rooms are made by the development team to accommodate such investments. This can be done by adding specific need regulators, such as integrated source control with the help of the integration server continuously. These are required for more elaborate developmental process and continuous deployment would produce a powerful combination. It would actively and effectively combine the discipline of rigorous waste reduction with on time and precise experimentation.

Long Term Decision

Just like in financial debts, paying of the interest of tech debts is also for the long term benefit. It is not about what right thing you are doing now, but it is all about how resilient and flexible was your fundamental approach towards your debt to do a group up rewrite to pay the tech debt or to take loan consolidation to clear your credit card debts. Paying off would incrementally improve your working process, architecture of the code, due to the beneficial compounding of interest and your disciplined approach towards it.


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