Everything You Need to Know About the Dragon Ball Z Saga

When it comes to anime series that I love, Dragon Ball Z always hits near the top of the list. Dragon Ball Z is one of the few longer series that I can tolerate. I’m a person who likes to binge watch entire series. This makes it hard to like an anime series with hundreds of episodes. This is a hard series to hate though!

Dragon Ball Z is the name of an old, but amazing anime series. This is actually one part of a several part series. You have Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Kai. (Dragon Ball Kai is the only one I’m not especially fond of).

Here is everything (and I do mean everything) you need to know about this exciting action anime series. 

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is the first part of this anime series. In Dragon Ball, the main character (Goku) is just a child. I highly recommend starting with Dragon Ball if you plan on watching the series. The beauty of this anime series is that you technically could just watch Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT and you would understand the series just fine. But, Dragon Ball answers a lot of questions about how relationships came to be.

Dragon Ball is the very beginning, if you will. It is how it all happened. It is how Goku met his wife and how he met his friend Bulma and Yamcha.

You are going to be careful about which version you watch. The version aired on television is more child-friendly. There is a fair amount of naked bottoms in the original version.

Dragon Ball Z

This is the next step in the Dragon Ball Z ladder. I’m not really sure why people refer to the series as the Dragon Ball Z series. You would think it would make more sense to be the Dragon Ball series. But, I think it is because Dragon Ball Z is a little more popular/well-know. I’ve known plenty of people who didn’t even know Dragon Ball existed.

This series is about Goku, his wife, and his family. He has a son and you get to watch him grow in this series. Lots of fighting, lots of action. I highly recommend it!

Dragon Ball GT

In this portion of the Dragon Ball Z saga, you will continue to follow Goku and his family. The series starts out with Gohan (Goku’s son) as a teenager. He goes to a regular high school far away from home. This is where he meets Videl who he one day has a family with.

You also watch Goku’s friends have families that develop by this point in time in the saga as well. What is really great about this saga is the fact that it is action and fighting, but there is a nice mixture of family and emotional plot lines as well. It is really well-balanced.

Dragon Ball Kai

This is the only portion in the series I’m not especially fond of. I’m not sure what prompted Funimation to make this series (other than to make more money). Dragon Ball Kai is the entire series in a squished/summarized version. It takes out all the filler episodes, a lot of the dialogue, and anything that isn’t really child appropriate. Dragon Ball Kai is the entire series in a fast paced child-friendly version, if you will. They cut so much out of the series in Dragon Ball Kai, I don’t care for it.

I guess I can understand the appeal to some people. One of the things Dragon Ball Z is known for is dragging out the different sagas (sagas being the different fights). I know I’ve said with my husband multiple times “if they didn’t spend so many episodes talking the fight would be over…” The only upside to Dragon Ball Kai is it does cut out all the filler junk and get right to the point. Personally? I like some of the filler stuff though. Thus, not a huge fan of Kai.

There are also several movies scattered throughout the series as well.

This is one of those series I’m slowly working on purchasing for myself and my husband. I’ve nothing but good things to say about the Dragon Ball Z series. It is highly recommend to anyone who has a think for action and anime. 

Have you ever seen any of the Dragon Ball Z series? Would love to know what you think of it!

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