Everyone Isn’t Meant to Travel on the Journey

Having too many people on the travel can not only create a slower process but can be quite stressful. Every person isn’t meant to be on a journey. Some will have to be removed in order to progress properly. Having too many on “the journey” can cause delays. Some may tag along but aren’t suppose to be going where the person or persons are going. Not everyone will understand that they’re not suppose to be hanging on a person’s neck at all times. 

There’s a reason why certain individuals are unable to go where the visionary is going. It can be next to impossible to get others to understand. All of the disturbances which come along with having so many heckling. Some become so fatigued and just and just stop trying to live the dream because they’re having to deal with all of the resistance. Of course trying to live any dream isn’t easy but “goodness” gracious. There’s way too many people who just have no clue that they’re suppose to stay out of the way. 

There will be times where one may want to scream, “Move out the way,” some will try to annoy every nerve in one’s body. Trying to control how and where a person should land. Trying to control their every move. That’s why some have difficulties with certain movements. There will always be the dissatisfied ones. Never pleased with anything that goes on. Making it difficult for the ones who they’ve selected to be their toy. 

In order to get ahead there will have to be a lot of ignoring. There will be the troubling ones who will continue to try and discourage or at least distract. If one expects “to progress” then some of the plans will have to be in secret. Imagine a group of people who are constantly on the attack. Disrupting every move and causing all sorts of havoc. They’re the ones who shouldn’t be coming along. They’re not there to be of some help but to create delays or to stop whatever is going on altogether. 

It’s very troubling when there are some who refuse to accept that they’re not welcomed to come along. Don’t understand the word no. Aren’t even bothered by the ones who are in authority to cease some of what’s taking place. The most annoying people one can ever come in contact with. “Not everyone is suppose to travel what can’t they understand.” There will be some who have to be dodged in order to advance in some way. 

Every single day shouldn’t be riddled with the dysfunctions. There has to be some days when there’s calmness. Persons have “a right to vision” and to just dream. Some will intentionally try to cause chaos due envy or their underlying issues. That’s why so many end up traveling alone. It appears going alone on the journey will allow the travelers to progress further. Having so many hanging on can be quite draining. 

“Be of Good Courage and Never Allow any Person to Stop a Dream or Vision. I’m not.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

“Moving Along and Still Blessed!” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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