Espresso going to outer space

On Monday, April 13, 2015 a first is going to happen. A SpaceX is a rocket that goes to  the International Space Station and sends supplies. This time they are having 4,000 pounds of food and scientific equipment for the work part of being in space. But this SpaceX might be heavier than others deliveries. The food would be usual except there is something special going on this Monday April, 13, 2015. An astronaut from Italy, Samanatha Cristoforelli, who has obviously been in space before  because she detested the instant coffee of the International Space Station. So, they are sending up a special espresso maker.

I am sure she is relieved as she was already  supposed to have the espresso machine. In January a little after she got to the space station it was going  to be sent via unmanned rocket from Virginia. But it never made it to space as the rocket exploded before it got to the space station. NASA  was more concerned about why the rocket exploded than they were worried about whether or not the astronauts have an espresso machine. Samantha had to drink instant coffee if she wanted any coffee in space.The espresso machine is going to be special; one made for space. It was started by a big company in Italy that is a famous coffee manufacturer, Lavazza. Lavazza got together with an engineering company located in Turin, Italy  called Argotec. And with the help of the Italian Space Agency made an espresso machine for outer space. But before it was allowed to be sent to the International Space Station, it had to be approved for use in space by NASA.

NASA’s Space Station Deputy Manager Dan Hartman says they are sending the espresso machine to get astronauts to go up to the space station for months up to a year. They also try to make the area in outer space like as much as the astronauts can feel they are at their hoe on the International Space Station. They get to make phone calls, have access to email, can use a video hookup to talk privately to a love one without the whole International Space Station being witness to it..

Don Hartman said they try to give them as much support as possible . They get the news from their area of Earth, and they can follow their favorite sports and teams and scores. He said they may send it again if they bring down the espresso machine and it gets rave reviews. It also has to taste good and work well. They will send it up for other astronauts that request it. They think sometimes this may make their day, After all. the instant coffee could be bad tasting to those who visit neighborhood coffee shops . Some astronauts might visit them daily for good coffee. Some  of those people were just putting up with the instant coffee.

NASA also sometimes sends the astronauts on the International Space Station some ice cream to make then feel happier with a special treat from Earth.

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