Episcopal Churches in Huntsville, Alabama

Whether you are moving to Huntsville, Alabama or just visiting, if you are looking for an Episcopal Church to attend, there are two that are well worth considering.

Church of the Nativity Episcopal

Since 1843, the Church of the Nativity has been serving the spiritual needs of the people of Huntsville, Alabama. They worship in the Anglican tradition but they offer a warm and welcome family atmosphere for both traditional and non-traditional family units.

They are a very active congregation with three Holy Eucharist services on Sunday and one on Wednesday at noon. They offer child care at the 8:45 and the 11 a.m. services on Sundays. Class for first graders and their parents are offered at 10 a.m. Sunday in preparation for reception of the Eucharist. There are also options for children through grade twelve to continue to grow in their faith. Episcopal_Church_of_the_Nativity_Huntsville_March_2013_1

The Church of the Nativity is committed to outreach within the community and a portion of the monies collected goes to these ministries including Habitat for Humanity. If you are looking for an Episcopal parish within the Huntsville area, this is one church that you should definitely consider.

St Thomas Church

In 1954, it was decided that Huntsville needed to have more than just one Episcopal parish, The Church of the Nativity. This led to the formation of St Thomas. From a small church to the beautiful new one, it has been a journey of faith and love.

Music plays an important part of the worship service at St Thomas with both an adult choir and a cherub’s choir for children grades K-5. On Sunday there are two services, a hot breakfast and Sunday school. Wednesday’s there is also two Eucharist Services, a healing service and bible study.

Every November for the last 19 years, they have sponsored Lobster Fest and split the money earned evenly between a mission in Honduras and the Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. To date they have built over 18 houses right at home and done a great deal of good in Honduras.

Activities are available for every member of the family. For the men of the family there is the Esau Society. They meet on Monday evenings for poker, friendship, snacks and Monday Night Football. They also donated their proceeds to charitable causes. For women there are several option, The Daughters of the King are a committed group of women who pledge their lives to doing good works and evangelizing. St Anne’s Guild are women who purchase and care for the church linens. St Thomas Youth Groups is very active and take part in trips, prayer and service projects.

St Thomas is a very active parish and is always welcoming to new members. You are welcome to enjoy their website and then come and enjoy their parish family.

Huntsville may not have a lot of Episcopal Churches but the ones that they do have are phenomenal and either one would be a perfect place to join and become part of the community. Check out these Episcopal Churches in Huntsville.


Church of the Nativity

Photo credit: “Episcopal Church of the Nativity Huntsville March 2013 2” by Chris Pruitt – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Episcopal_Church_of_the_Nativity_Huntsville_March_2013_2.jpg#/media/File:Episcopal_Church_of_the_Nativity_Huntsville_March_2013_2.jpg

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