En Vogue Vinyl – Hold On and Don’t Let Go- History Of Their Songs

En Vogue vinyl records help you enjoy the best of what this award-winning group has to offer through their impressive songs and performances. This En Vogue R&B group bio will describe the journey of the talented female artistes who took the music industry by storm in 1989. En Vogue got together in Oakland, California through the vision of Thomas McElroy and Denzil Foster.

En Vogue was originally known as For You. All of the members were contestants in the Miss California beauty contest. They were chosen for their intelligence, sexiness and vocal skills.


En Vogue Vinyl - Hold On and Don't Let Go- History Of Their Songs

En Vogue Vinyl – Hold On and Don’t Let Go- History Of Their Songs


En Vogue Original Group Members

The original members of En Vogue who formed the unit in California were:

  • Terry Ellis
  • Cindy Herron
  • Dawn Robinson
  • Maxine Jones

Singers Rhona Bennett and Amanda Cole are both recent additions to the group.


En Vogue Musical Style

En Vogue is usually classified as an R&B group. However their music crosses over into other categories, including:

  • Urban
  • Dance/ Club
  • Electronic
  • New Jack Swing
  • Hip Hop

En Vogue Relationship and Legal Battles

The members of En Vogue formed a professional relationship from the start. Unlike some other musical groups or bands where friends who had a mutual interest in music formed a team, the members of En Vogue were put into the group by an external party. All of the female singers did not have a prior relationship. Perhaps this is part of the reason why at this time, the relationship among them has soured. In 2012, they took action to sue each other.

Maxine Jones alleges that Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis instigated the dispute by taking control of the group’s bank account and Limited Liability Company. Despite all this, En Vogue has performed multiple times in recent years, including at Shaggy and Friend’s Concert to raise funds for the Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Jamaica and at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville Florida.



En Vogue Vinyl Soundtrack and Hits

En Vogue’s song “Don’t Let Go” was featured in the soundtrack for the movie Set It Off. Don’t Let Go is one of their most popular songs. Their other hits include:

  • Giving Him Something He Can Feel
  • My Lovin’
  • Give It Up, Turn It Loose
  • Whatta Man

En Vogue’s albums include:

  • EV3
  • Funky Divas
  • Remix to Sing
  • En Vogue vinyl Born to Sing (with Hold On)
  • Masterpiece Theatre
  • Soul Flower
  • The Gift of Christmas


En Vogue Christmas Movie


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