Eight Beauty Uses for Petroleum Jelly

One cheap jar of petroleum jelly (make it the cheapest of the cheap by purchasing the store brand) can do a myriad tasks. Most of us are well aware of how the clear jelly can soften rough skin, but did you know it also has a variety of other beauty uses like tame eyebrows, shine cheekbones and make lips look wet and glossy while moisturizing them? Read these eight beauty uses for petroleum jelly and you’ll never let the jar run out again.

Tame Eyebrows
When eyebrows have a mind of their own and refuse to lie flat or go in the right direction, tame them with petroleum jelly. Apply a small amount of clear jelly to eyebrows with fingertip or clean mascara wand to get the wayward hairs to obey you.

Shine Cheekbones
Want a youthful glow on your face and emphasize your cheek bones? Sweep a small amount of petroleum jelly across each cheek bones with fingertip. The shine will attract light and highlight your cheek bones while moisturizing facial skin.

Glossy Lips
Use fingertip to smooth on a thin layer of petroleum jelly across lips to give them a glossy shine. The clear jelly will also help prevent chapped lips, protect against the sun’s UV rays and promote healthy lip skin.

Apply Eye Makeup
Intensify the color of your favorite powder eye shadow by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to eyelids before applying eye shadow. Petroleum jelly will make the powdered eye shadow stay in place and last longer too.

Remove Eye Makeup
Lightly dab a tissue in the jar of petroleum jelly then wipe tissue across eyelids to remove eye makeup. Moisturize the delicate skin around eyes while removing all traces of makeup.

Exfoliate Skin
Combine petroleum jelly with brown sugar to make your own skin exfoliate. Apply to skin in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells, rinse off with warm water to reveal silky smooth skin.

Even Self Tan
Dry skin soaks up more self-tanning product and leaves you with botchy color. Prep skin with petroleum jelly a couple of days prior to self-tanning so skin will be smooth and moisturized, leaving you with an even tan.

Stretch Body Lotion
Mix a little petroleum jelly into your favorite body lotion to make it stretch farther and soak into skin more effectively. That $10 bottle of body lotion can last twice as long when combined with a $1 jar of petroleum jelly.

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