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In my previous post, we discussed making money via eBooks. EBooks are a very good source to share knowledge and can be used to gain ample amount of money. Today is the world of smartphones where Android devices, IPhones and Windows phones are on the rise. There is huge customer base provided they like your niche. So, the only challenge is managing niche. Once you select the right niche and place your eBook strategically on eBook publishing websites / specialized blogs, you just have to sit down and relax. Rest everything will happen on its own.

There is always a conflict. It is a fight between passion and demand. We shall try to find out the best possible way to manage this conflict. Please note that this article is just an introduction and a structured elaborated post shall be coming soon.

I am passionate

The first thing to note: You are passionate in which discipline? Do you really like to write ebooks in that particular niche?

The benefit in going with the passion is that we do not have to do much hardwork. We just have to think of idea, pen it down and then proofread and publish.

This is one way of finding the niche.

Controlling the demand

While managing the passion is great, it has a major limitation. What if there is no demand?

Consider that you have passion in writing eBooks about various aromas and fragrances. So, you write an eBook about Porcupine smelling scent. Will anyone consider reading it? Probably not.

Just writing an eBook is one thing and selling it to the main public is another. You won’t get any money for simply putting the eBook live. You will get it only if your eBook is sold.

So, you now have a tradeoff. Should you go with your passion OR wait for demand? The success lies in managing the tradeoff. You run 2 risks in the nutshell.

  1. You went for passion and provided best quality to the readers. But, there was no demand and hence the article could not reach the masses.
  2. You went for demand and thought of ideas which are largely demanded by the masses but unfortunately could not match the quality as demanded by the industry and hence the article was rejected by the end user.

Both of the risks are serious and we shall understand both in detail in upcoming articles. The true process of making money depends on how well is the eBook placed in its niche.

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