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I love soup, especially homemade soup filled with goodies and especially when it is cold and snowy outside, like it is here in northeastern USA where I live.

When I make soup, I always make up a big batch to last me for several days. I also like to have enough left so I can store some away in the freezer for later on. I like soups that qualify almost as stews, jam-packed with meat and veggies and with some rice or pasta included for that extra goodness and comfort.

Easy to prepare

If you are a soup lover like me, give this absolutely delicious soup I made last week a try. Not only is this soup delicious – it is also very easy to prepare. I used canned broth rather than making my own stock and I also used some canned and frozen veggies that saved me considerable time slicing and dicing.


Six 15-ounce cans of chicken broth

Three 15-ounce cans of diced tomatoes

One 15-ounce can of whole kernel corn

Lots of diced fresh celery and celery leaves

Cubed frozen sweet potatoes (I added about half a 10 ounce bag)

One-half pound ground beef

One-half pound ground turkey

Precooked white rice

Parsley, salt and pepper to taste 


Heat ground beef and ground turkey in a little water in a large pot until cooked through.

Add all remaining ingredients except the rice. I add the precooked rice toward the end of the cooking process.

Simmer for a few hours, stirring often. Feel free to add more broth or tomatoes if you want. All ingredients are adjustable to amount, taste and desire.

Additional tips:

I often substitute pasta for rice in my homemade soups. As I don’t like squishy soft pasta, I cook the pasta separately and add it to the soup shortly before serving.

This hearty soup is ideal for both lunch and dinner, whether served alone or with a sandwich, some buttered bread or some cheese and crackers. Serve this soup to your kids with a grilled cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and they will be very happy, never realizing how many nutritious ingredients and veggies they are actually eating!

Note:  All the ingredients I used in my soup are “approximates” and can be varied according to your taste.





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