Easiest Solution to HTC 8X Sync Problems

Just recently I acquired a used HTC 8x Windows phone from a seller on Ebay. Buying used phones comes with risks; but for me, it’s part of the thrill. This is my first Windows 8.1 phone and I was excited to tinker with it.

After the factory reset, it was then that I discovered that it was a “Not For Resale” unit. I do not know what that implies. It was previously an AT&T issued unit based on the logo at the phone’s back cover. Anyway, the phone works well for all functions except for syncing with the Windows live account and my Gmail account. Not being able to sync with the live account ID means I could not install apps from the Store and upload my media wirelessly.

HTC 8X is a very sleek phone. It has the right size for my small hands. It is lighter than most Nokia Lumia phones with the similar specifications. It would be a very nice phone to have – only if I can make it fully work.


After much searching and testing, the simplest solution for this sync problem is very classic.

Music and other audio files can be synced using Windows Media Player from the PC. Yes, that deafult media player of your Windows computer. Once the phone is connected to the PC, just find the SYNC tab at the top right of the screen and you will see the HTC phone easily found by the program. Next step is to drag and drop the audio files from the computer to the phone column. Click SYNC and the task is done. A more detailed explanation is explained by the blogger of pocketnow.com

Photos and videos can easily be tranferred to the computer using the File Explorer function. It’s as easy and as simple as using an external memory or drive.

Activating the Live and Gmail accounts is another story. I am still looking for a solution for that. Whenever I try to log in to my Microsoft account, this is what I see on the screen.

Windows Activation Failed

When I try to sync my Gmail account, this is what I see.

Google Error HTC 8x

I had other windows phones before, including HTC HD7 and various Nokia Lumia phones. This is the first time I encountered this problem of not being able to sign in to my Microsoft account. Indeed, trying out different mobile devices provides a unique learning experience.

If anyone has an idea how this can be fixed, I welcome your solutions via the comment box. Thanks in advance.


The 2 bottom images are mine.

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