How I earn over 5 dollars a day from Freerangestock.

What is Freerangestock?

Freerangestock is a website where you can earn money through Google Adsense by uploading photographs that other people can use for free.  When I first heard about Freerangestock I figured I would put a few photographs up and see how they did.  I didn’t want to give my best photographs away so I chose some of my more mediocre shots.  I started earnings a few cents here and there and when I got a nice click on an adsense advertisement I would make around a dollar.


I didn’t add any new photographs for a while and I was only making a little here and there.  A few months back I decided I had well into 500 photographs that would likely be excepted.  I uploaded all 500 of the photographs.  Within a few days a good majority of them had been accepted with a few that were declined.  My earnings soared.  I had a day where I made 12 dollars and several were I made 9.  When it settled down I was making around 5 dollars a day on average.  I have added a few more photographs off and on and my earnings stay pretty consistent.

How does Freerangestock work?

When you sign up on Freerangestock as a contributor, you will need to add your Google Adsense publisher ID to your profile.  After you have that inside your profile, you will begin earning.  When someone views one of your images, advertisements are displayed on your page.  If one of those advertisements are clicked you earn 100% of the revenue.  There are also advertisements on other parts of the website.  Depending on how many photographs you have uploaded, your Google Adsense ID will cycle through those advertisements and you will earn revenue from these are well.  This is where you will get the majority of your revenue.  There is a lot more traffic to the home pages and such compared to your individual images.

Tips for making more money on Freerangestock.

How to make money with Freerangestock? In my opinion and experience quantity is better than quality.  Yes you want to upload photographs that people will actually view and want, but I try to not spend a lot of time getting one perfect shot and concentrate on getting multiple good shots.  If you have one good bridge photograph and someone looks at the pictures you get one view.  But what if you have 10 similar bridge photographs from different angles?  You are likely to get several views from this same user.  Since Freerangestock gives out photographs for free they will accept almost anything that has even the smallest commercial value.  This means it is easy to find a lot of subject matters to photograph.  Photograph textures such as bricks, tree bark and moss.  Photograph single items isolated on a solid color.  Photograph sunsets even if they are not the most spectacular ones you have seen.  You wouldn’t believe how many times I have had very generic almost plain sunsets be viewed and downloaded.  I almost didn’t upload them because I thought there was no way anyone would care for such basic sunsets.  I would have lost a ton of views and revenue had I not uploaded these photos.

Freerangestock review

If you continue to upload photographs on a regular bases, your earnings will increase quite a bit.  Don’t give up too fast.  Give the website a chance.  I almost stopped contributing at first but I am glad I continued uploading.  My biggest fear was giving away my photographs for free.  I only upload my basic shots.  The great shots I upload to stock sites like Istock, Bigstockphoto and Canstockphoto.  I recommend anyone who wants to try to make a little money online to to try Freerangestock.

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