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Nothing seems as lucrative in online earning as electronic commerce OR simply E-commerce. As already confirmed by me in my very first article, there is only 1 way to earn money. Buying and selling of goods and services. We all need a market place where buyers and sellers can interact. In e – commerce, this market place is the almighty internet.

How it works

Basically, it is of 2 types.

In first, the product manufacturers themselves directly sell the product. This reduces in the cost since there is no dealership involved.

In second, they are few but exclusive retailers who are used as intermediaries for procurement / sales of goods.

Both ways require end user to signup as a customer on a e – commerce platform. The user selects a product, makes purchase, fills the kart and then slowly proceeds to checkout.

There are various modes to checkout. Some include Debit / Credit. Some involve PayPal account. Some even have Cash on Delivery subject to certain criterion.

Once order is placed, the platform sends the request to its store, whose job is to check the stocks. There is an automated ERP system which calculates the correct position of stocks. So, if an item is actually “Sold Out” then the term Stock out is mentioned so that the end user knows exactly what he can purchase and what he can’t.

Then the item is picked and sent from the Main Warehouse to the customer’s office. Depending on the mode, payment is made and successful status is finalized.



  • Low Cost – Minimization of dealership makes purchase cost effective
  • Easy to use and convenient – You don’t have to leave your home and buy
  • Simple and customizable – Purchases and Sales are just 1 click away
  • Widespread Coupon Codes these days make it even more interesting
  • Trackability – Users have the authority to check their past history. So, If they need to track their buying philosophy, they can do so. This is particularly useful when you need to check the actual life of a particular device.



  • Profitability is a very slow process and competition is very high
  • Website security is a major concern
  • Can’t be used for every product. Since lead time is considerably high; for some items, physical shopping is recommended


While it seems quite interesting to adopt this system, it is also required to manage the limitations hidden thereof. This management shall be discussed in upcoming articles.

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