The E-Cigarette Debate Rumbles On.

More and more turn to e-cigarette use:

The use of electronic cigarettes is growing at an ever increasing rate. Both the UK and U.S. have, over the last couple of years, witnessed a massive increase in the use of ‘vapers’.

In the UK, use is reported to have tripled to 2.1-million users in the last two years. In the U.S. sales and use of e-cigarettes has developed into a mega $3-billion business over the last nine years.

In the UK, ASH (Action on Smoking and Health), that scourge from years past of tobacco smokers like myself is, surprisingly, very much behind the use of e-cigarettes, as an aid to reducing or giving up tobacco smoking.

A recent ASH survey of 12,000 smokers in the UK, found that the majority were using e-cigarettes as an aid to kicking the tobacco habit. From the survey carried out in March 2014, it’s been estimated some 700,000 e-cigarette users, are ex-tobacco smokers. Continuing to use the aid as a social tool after quitting.

There are currently thought to be 1.3-million users smoking both tobacco and an e-cigarette. No doubt in the early stages of trying to quit tobacco completely. In the same survey over 70% said they used an e-cigarette to give up tobacco, 48% to reduce their tobacco intake and just fewer than 40% to save money.

Research has shown in all social areas that those kicking the tobacco habit increased significantly since the introduction of e-cigarettes. Vapers are now overtaking the traditional nicotine patch and gum, as a smoker’s aid to ending reliance on tobacco.

One of the big fears voiced by those wishing to see e-devices banned, or heavily restricted, is their use by minors. Kids always want to try what they’re not supposed to. It’s part of growing up. Yet research carried out in the UK has recorded less than 1% of youngsters trying these products.

The same fears are echoed by the ban lobby in the States. Use by children. Fruit flavours attract non smokers to use the product. They will be converted to become the new way of ingesting illegal drugs.

American figures differ somewhat from the UK’s. The American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 250,000 American youngsters who had never smoked were using e-cigarettes last year. The American government has legislation in the pipeline but still cannot decide how to approach regulating the e-cigarette industry. <

Even The World Health Organisation has jumped on the anti e-cigarette bandwagon. Suggesting various regulatory options for different countries, such as; no health claims on the product. Removing product claims that they help give up smoking and banning their use in public places.

The large tobacco companies are heavily involved:

The world’s largest tobacco companies are heavily involved in the research, development and production of e-cigarettes. Either buying up manufacturers or being involved in the franchising of different brands of the product.

For the last 30/40-years companies like British American Tobacco and the Imperial Tobacco Company have been the pariahs of the industrialised world. Spreading death and destruction, with the production and sale of their tobacco cigarettes. They have seen the writing on the wall, further drops in the sale of cigarettes as more and more turn to a less harmful product to obtain their nicotine kick.

It’s little wonder they get involved in a parallel product which contains far less risks to health than tobacco smoking.

A simple product made difficult:

With the way all the rhetoric goes, you could be forgiven thinking an e-cigarette is a product full of intricacies never before known to man. It is though, a very basic item in the way it works. The main point of interest is that which ends up in the human body. The rest, to all intents and purposes, is irrelevant.

E-cigarette liquid is made up of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and the flavouring, all chemicals well known to chemists. So why is it so difficult to reach some generally accepted level of risk.

No doubt there will be legislation introduced. The amount of people turning to e-cigarettes daily will make it so. As with everything, rules and regulations are required. Let’s not however, muddy the waters with health fears, underage users and drug abuse.

It is accepted almost universally that e-cigarettes are a far safer option all round than tobacco cigarettes. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all I need to know.

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