Durable Leak-Proof Reusable Water Bottles

Do you want durable leak-proof reusable water bottles? I used to buy disposables, but it finally occurred to me how terribly wasteful and unnecessary they are, especially with a reverse osmosis drinking system. It takes energy to manufacture the containers, and most are too flimsy to reuse more than a couple of times. Some are not deemed safe to reuse because of BPA. I do not know which ones are safe and which ones are potentially dangerous, and I would not want to take a chance with any of them. Since I always have a beverage close at hand, I decided to look for a few washable options. It did not take long to figure out that not all drink containers are alike. I had some that could not be overturned without leaking, even with the lid securely in place, and I set out on a quest to find something better.

Forget about Bottles with Spouts

When people think of reusable water bottles, many envision sport-style containers with spouts. When you want the best leak-proof reusable water bottles, do not choose anything with a pull-up top unless you will be biking or participating in other sporting events. They tend to magically popup at the worst possible times, and they make a lot of disgusting sounds while in use. They are also very hard to clean. Imagine the buildup of germs in areas that cannot be reached. Spouts are not necessary unless you cannot remove a twist-off top.

These are the Best Leak-Proof Reusable Water Bottles

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A Leak-Proof Option for Water Guzzlers

I finally found durable leak-proof reusable water bottles available. Aladdin 20-Ounce Café to Go Water Bottles have screw-on lids. The tops are removable for adding ice, and they are very easy to clean. I bought a pack of three, but I plan on buying more. I have not purchased disposables since I started using the Aladdin Café to Go bottles. The first pack paid for themselves within less than a month.

Imagine the Money That You Will Save

Despite the fact that durable leak-proof water bottles are environmentally-friendly, imagine the money that you will save. Even if you can find bottled water for just $3.00 a case, it adds up to $156 a year if you consume a case a week. People survived without bottled H2O in decades past, and they do not need it now. It is nothing more than an unnecessary convenience item. Unless you have well water, it is not likely any better than the H2O that comes from your tap. Read labels and you will discover that most brands come from municipal sources. You are paying more for the disposable bottles than the contents. It makes sense to buy reusable options.

Consider Infused Water if You Do Not Like Plain H2O

The Best Leak-Proof Reusable Water Bottles

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I must admit that I am not crazy about plain water. I used to add flavoring with artificial sweetener, but they are not healthy. Since having neck surgery, I have been drinking more water than ever, but I prefer the fruit-infused variety. However, I am not willing to pay for the ready-made kind, especially since they are considered disposable. I have the same view regarding other drinks in disposable containers. They are a waste of money and energy, and they are littering the environment in unimaginable ways.

Some Durable Leak-Proof Reusable Water Bottles are Also Infusers

When seeking durable leak-proof reusable water bottles, consider purchasing at least one Infuser 28-Ounce Water Bottle in addition to a pack of Aladdin Café on the Go bottles. You can add fresh fruit such as sliced lemons, oranges, berries and more. You can also add herbal tea bags, honey and anything else that sounds good. I love my Infuser water bottle. It has encouraged me to stay away from soda pop, sweetened fruit drinks and other unhealthy beverages that add nothing more than empty calories to my diet. The flavor possibilities are endless, and the beverages that I make are a refreshing change from ordinary water.

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