DuckDuckGo included in updated ios8- a search engine that do not track user.


Over the years, Google almost became a synonym of web search. Recently, we heard apple introduced DuckDuckGo as an option for search on both iOS8 and OS X Yosemite. But, is it so special that people would ditch Google for it? Well, if you are among those, who feel “privacy is priceless,” DuckDuckGo is worth, to be given a chance.

It is a free, open source Paoli-based search engine that does not track its users. Yes, you heard it right! You can be sure you will not see those irritating ads of the personal stuff; you searched on Google without switching to incognito mode.

Little history about DuckDuckGo:

It was founded by Gabriel Weinberg and launched on September 25, 2008. During 2011, it became the default search engine for the Linux Mint, Trisquel, and the Midori web browser. Starting with the GNOME version 3.10 in september 2013, it replaced the Google search as their default search engine. DuckDuckGo officially released a more refined and redesigned version in may 2014 along with many new features such as weather, images, local search, and others.

How to set DuckDuckGo as your search engine on iPhone:

As of iOS8:

  • Go to iOS Settings app
  • Tap Safari
  • Tap search Engine
  • Select DuckDuckGo

More about DuckDuckGo:

The moment you type something in DuckDuckGo’s search box you will be amazed, seriously, I felt as if it is outdated because it was so uncluttered, with just one or two adds. Click this link “ “ and experience for yourself.

The advertisements shown with your search are based on the search term you type and are not related to your previous searches or your location. Its search result would be same whether you are in New York or Tampa Bay, of course, unless you specify so.

All its searches are well encrypted. DuckDuckGo also emphasizes on quality rather than quantity. It generates results from major crowdsourced sites such as Wikipedia and other search engine, and not from content mills that are regarded as “low quality” material. User can adjust look, feel, color and layout as per their comfort. With its privacy setting user can also encrypt their search, preventing DuckDuckGo from sharing with the site you will be clicking.

In a nutshell:

No add spam

No personal information collection

No add tracking

Easy to read, clutter free

And finally, your search engine doesn’t know more about you than your partner.

There are plenty of other helpful features of DuckDuckGo, but I might write about them some other time.

Google filter your search result based on your profile information it has collected over time, location and your previous searches. But, why Google should know all this information about me? So, my vote goes for DuckDuckGo. I am anxious to witness, how it would perform over time.

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