Don’t Try To Keep Up With Others

drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

Don’t try to keep up with others.


What does it means?
Don’t insist on having something or posses something that others did in order to compete with each  other.

It is hard to breathe when I force myself to perform a task that is beyond my capability.
I don’t feel happy. It made me feeling miserable and guilty for not achieving it.

Some people are strong and confident enough to fight for their aim.
If you have them, that is your ability, go ahead and achieve it.



  • If your neighbor has an expensive car, bigger than yours and luxurious, who cares? 
  • Why compete with him/her? You lose more than you gain. 
  • Fame is just an illusion, a short live happiness that fools are duped in.
  • If your friend had bought the latest trend cellphone, shows off to you, who cares? 
  • Why buy the same cellphone or better than his? Showing off your wealth is better known as to dig your own grave than to make use of the gadget that suits your needs.
  • Electronic gadgets do not have a market value that could generate in years. Gadgets and cars belong to  depreciate assets that people are prone to keep up with others in order to “WIN” their pride.

Gee, I really don’t understand.


Be happy with what you have

Be happy with what you have

Be happy

  • Be happy with whatever possession you have in hand.
    Be happy and thankful that it doesn’t give you any problem and had helped you to earned money  or helped you in your studies or your daily life.
  • Be contented. Don’t be greedy.
    Competition is good and healthy but choose the right competition. 
    No the silly ones!
  • Learn to overcome your jealousy and boost up your self esteem the right way.


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