Don’t Ditch Your Back Deck: Give It a Facelift!

Does your back deck look like something from a haunted house, with missing panels creating an illusion of a gappy-toothed grin and creaking boards sending chills down your spine? If so, don’t despair: you can actually redo your deck for cheaper than you could replace the whole thing, so here are the steps for renovating a run-down deck.

You can choose to do it yourself or hire a Fort Collins house painter, but either way, renovating what’s already there is more cost effective than starting over completely. Here are the essential steps to take:

1. First, the deck will need to be examined for potential danger spots. You’ll want to replace any panels that are loose or broken through by using a pry bar to pull up the boards. To avoid damaging surrounding panels, simply remove the fasteners and lift the board straight up and out of its place.

2. One tip in hunting for hazards is to use a screwdriver to poke the wood, especially any wood adjacent to soft ground. If the screwdriver digs into the wood easily, that indicates the presence of rotting. For wood close to the house, check to make sure all screws and bolts are firmly attached, and even then, feel free to tighten them further.

3. After surveying for cosmetic inconsistencies—like different kinds of nails or wooden boards that don’t match—you can also peruse the deck for loose wood. No one likes splinters, so make sure to shave off potential risk factors!

4. Next, to clean the deck, you’ll need a cleaning solution. You can choose which type of wash you prefer, but some come in a bucket that you mix and apply, while others include a garden hose hook-up. You may also want to rent a pressure washer and scrub the deck with a stiff brush.

5. After the deck dries from the washing, you can prepare the woodstain, but keep in mind that the recommended amount listed on the paint can tends to fall short of the actual quantity necessary. Most decks require multiple coats in order to achieve consistent color.

6. Once you’ve stained your deck, get started repairing any railings that may pose personal hazards. For a railing that doesn’t require maintenance, you could opt for a vinyl-coated wooden plastic compound that comes in other colors besides the wood you just stained. This creates a bit of a contrast, which some people choose.

 If you’re in Colorado and struggling to perform these tasks yourself, why not contact a professional house painter Loveland customers have trusted for years? Find the best and most reputable team that can perform deck restoration, deck cleaning and staining, and pressure washing service, so their expertise includes everything you need to whip your deck into tiptop shape!

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