Donating to Charities Doesn’t Have to be About Money

CharityI don’t know about you, but when I think of charity, I think of someone coming to my door and asking for money. Or maybe they are emailing me with the same request. Regardless, many of us have a negative connotation attached to charities for this reason. But, there are quite a few ways that you can assist your favorite charity without handing over your hard earned cash.


A great benefit charities is time. Contact the charity and see if there is something that you can do to assist them. Maybe they have a mailer that they need people to put into envelopes or they have items that need to be sorted out or phone calls to be made. It may not be exciting work but it is still important and needs to be done.

Raise Money

In relation to offering your time, how about doing something to promote the charity and raise funds for it? I have seen charities have garage sales, or at least the volunteers organize a garage sale, to help raise funds. They ask the public for donations that they then sell. For those that have items they want to get rid of, but do not want to have a garage sale, this is a great way to get those items out of the house and make a difference for someone else.

Offer Your Skills

See if the charity needs the skills that you may have. For instance, many charities have websites but they do not have the skills to make a good looking site or the time to keep it updated. If this is something that you have experience with, you can offer to help them.


Maybe you are spring cleaning and found items in your home that you no longer need or require. Chances are you can find a charity that will be able to use it. Maybe you are crafty and enjoy making items but do not need those items – they could probably find a home somewhere as well. If you are a thrifty shopper and find really great deals, consider purchasing them and donating them. There are any numbers of ways that you can donate products and probably just as many charities willing to accept them. Check your favourite charities website or call them to see what they are looking for – my YWCA has a list on their site of what they are looking for and it just so happened that I had some of those products that I wanted to donate somewhere. Win win for both of us!

Do you help a charity in some way other than giving a cash donation that isn’t mentioned? What is it that you do?

Image:  niekverlaan / Pixabay

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