Domain name reselling! Can we earn through that?

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Internet is highly growing phenomenon of these days. Due to rise of modern technology, more and more businesses tend to have online presence. In that case, they require a domain.

So, domain name reselling is a very good online earning tool. This reseller hosting can help those who are in developing countries. Also known as shared hosting, reseller hosting is a process where one hosting server is shared between multiple users. Different users sign up for the same and get the process done.

 Domain name reselling process

The fundamental step is to sign up on a web hosting server and buy a web hosting plan. Once that is done, you can then move onto creating small hosting plans and selling it to others.

For example, if you buy a reseller hosting account stating – $100/month for 250GB HDD, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited domain names, SSL / TLS included etc.

Now, you register for a website providing your hosting services. There, you charge $2/month for services like 1GB HDD, unlimited Bandwidth, 1 domain name. Considering 250 clients signed up for that, you earned a whopping $500/month that way. Additionally, you can charge additional $1/month for offering SSL / TLS and another $1/month for website building.

You can also charge for additional services like customer support. You can have – more support @ $ 1.5/month. Minimizing support is the only working key in enhance earning opportunities via domain name reselling.

Hence, net profit will be between $400 – $450/month.

Sounds great. Right? Well, this is only one side of the coin. Let us look at the other side.

Domain name reselling risks

While it sounds simpler. It may not be. Today, the competition is really tough and no one knows what is eating their business goals. So, differentiation is a tool to manage the business needs. You will have to research on the market and find out the area which your competitors missed. By exploring that area, you grow your chances.

Also, as a user you need to understand local market too, since most of the time, local hosting providers grab the deal. The end customers prefer local hosting providers since they believe it to be more personal touch provider. So, you need to enter the local markets too if required. This is a challenge which needs to be taken care of. Nevertheless, the market is always growing and will continue to be.

The simplest and the easiest trick to go for domain name reselling

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