Easy Earth Day Craft

Easy Earth Day Craft for Kids

Easy Earth Day Craft This is my easy Earth Day craft that you can do with kids.  Earth day is a good time to teach children the importance of taking care of Earth.  I made this easy Earth Day craft for my kids and wanted to share it with others because you never know if someone wants to make their own Mini globes right?  You can hang this easy Earth day craft up by its string and keep it up as a reminder to take care of the Earth all year long.

I needed to make (19) mini globe ornaments, so I bought (2) 12-packs of Styrofoam Smoothfoam balls.  I bought the smoother-style Styrofoam balls because they are harder than the regular ones.  I used 2-inch balls but you can use any size you want. I used Smoothfoam balls because they are harder than traditional Styrofoam balls.  You can use any Styrofoam all you want but the smooth ones were much easier to work with in my opinion.

Easy Earth Day Craft Materials Needed:

Easy Earth Day Craft

  • Smoothfoam Balls (any size)
  • Hot glue gun
  • White Elmer’s glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Blue tissue paper
  • Green tissue paper
  • Thin ribbon of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Modge Podge spray, gloss (not matte)

You can buy the Smoothfoam balls online or at Michael’s craft stores.  Every single one of these supplies is fairly easy to find and you can use any Styrofoam ball if you can’t find the ones I suggest.  I just like the Smoothfoam because they are harder than the other ones.

Easy Earth Day Craft Directions:

Cut up your blue and green tissue paper into 1-inch squares.  You will need more blue than green.  Pour some of the white Elmer’s glue on a plate. 

Easy Earth Day Craft

Paint a light layer of glue all around the Styrofoam ball.  I stuck mine on the end of a paintbrush so that I didn’t get glue all over my hands while trying to hold the ball and paint it with glue.  Place the blue tissue squares all around and stick them to the ball.  Apply another thin layer of glue to press them down on the ball.  Place the balls on a wire rack to dry after applying the second layer of white glue.

Easy Earth Day Craft

Once the blue tissue has dried, place a thin layer of glue over a small area of the globe and stick the green tissue paper to it. I didn’t shape mine, I just applied green tissue to a couple different areas on the globe.  Apply another thin layer of glue over the green tissue paper and let it dry again on the wire rack.

Easy Earth Day Craft

Once the globes had dried all the way (took about a half hour), I stuck them on the end of a paintbrush and took them outside one at a time to spray with the Modge Podge.  I let them sit outside for a half hour or so before taking them in to hot glue the ribbons.

Easy Earth Day Craft

Once they are dried the whole way through, you can take them inside and heat up your glue gun. Cut your ribbon into strips so that the earth can hang. In the same hole where I shoved the paintbrush through, I put the two tips of the ribbon in and hot glue it in.

Easy Earth Day Craft

Once the hot glue dries your easy Earth Day craft is ready to hang!

Easy Earth Day Craft

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