DIY Glow in the Dark Jewelry Jar



Mason jars have many great uses aside from keeping pickled fruit and veggies fresh. They can also be used to decorate your room and store your jewelry. You can place your dangly earrings on the wire surrounding this mason jar. I’ll have to admit that I am a mason jar hoarder because I love turning ordinary glass jars into something cool and useful. 

The materials you will need for this DIY:

  • a mason jar (or any other glass jar)
  • glow in the dark paint and paint brushes (optional)
  • 20 gauge wire (can be silver or gold)
  • pliers
  • beads (optional)
  • glue gun and glue



I chose to paint my mason jars with small tiny dots of glow in the dark glue after watching a video on how to make fairy light jars on youtube. Placed in a dark room, it looks pretty amazing so I recommend you also try painting your jar with glow in the dark paint first.

First, take your 20 gauge wire and wrap it around the neck of the jar twice. Use scissors or pliers to cut the wire, and then tie the ends of the wire together. This will form the  wire ring that you can hang your dangly earrings on. I got my wire from the dollarstore, and it was really inexpensive compared to wire they sold at my local craftstore. 20 gauge wire is fun to work with because it is so easy to shape, but it’s malleability could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you use it for. 

20140926_161335 20140926_162613 20140926_162951 20140926_164925

 Cut a U-shaped piece of wire that is long enough to go around the mason jar from one side to another. Make sure that the wire on both ends is taller t thanhe mason jar so you can use pliers to curl the ends later. 

20140926_163225 20140926_164727

20140926_164951 (1) 20140926_165059

Use a glue gun to glue the wire to the bottom of the jar. I found that gluing the center of the jar first was helpful. When you’re done, you can use pliers to shape the wire ends into any design you want. I really liked spirals, and I also added a pearl bead at the end of it to make it look nicer. 

20140926_165159  20140926_170940 IMG_5928

Repeat the process again but cross the wire over the other one so that the wire travels up the mason jar on four sides.

You can also attach beads or charms to the wire to decorate it if you’d like. 


After you’re finished, you now have a cool place to hang your earrings and store your bracelets or necklaces. 😀 Have fun and good luck!




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