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If you have been enjoying watching sports on TV at the comfort of your home, it might be a good idea to visit a few sports events around the world when you are on vacation. Sports travel, which is also known as sports tourism, exposes you to different sports which you can also participate in, in the near future. Most people participate in it for recreational purposes. There are two main classifications of sports tourism. These are:

  1. There is hard and soft tourism, where hard means quantity of people participating in an event while soft is when you travel so as to participate in recreational sports activities such as swimming, hiking and skiing. Lots of people around the world love these activities and will spend most of their holiday time doing them. Hard and soft tourism are among the world’s highest ranked courses.
  2. Sport event tourism – This refers to the number of people who visit a city during an event. Events such as FIFA and Olympics are held once after four years and they attract a large number of tourists. Most countries earn a lot of revenue by hosting events that offer soft and hard tourism.

There are different types of sports that you can indulge yourself in. Some are outdoor sports, spectator sports, indoor sports and water sports. If you have never tried sports travel, you can plan to attend an annual sports event or an event near you. There are several reasons why you should combine sports with travel. Some of the reasons include;

  • You might want to build up physical fitness. Sports such as hiking, skiing, horse riding and cycling may help you burn a few calories.
  • The destination may have better or more favorable weather than where you currently live. If it is winter in your country, traveling for sports in a warmer country like in Africa will keep you warm and give you a change of scenery.
  • The destination might also provide a sporting experience at a lower cost.
  • Some activities such as sports betting and gambling are illegal in some countries while in others, they are not.

Sports that hold competitions or sports that will help you earn while on vacation are the best. Most of these sports are outdoor sports and spectator sports. Such sports include sports betting. Sports betting will help you earn some extra income, especially if it is illegal in your country. Horse racing is known around the world to help lots of people earn fast cash.

There are lots of racing places in the world. The most popular racing places include the Churchill Downs in Kentucky, Pimlico in Baltimore, ascot racecourse, Saratoga in New York and Meydan in Dubai. These race courses attract lots of tourists every year. If you cannot afford or make it to these races, you can watch online horse racing on sites like,which offer online betting to everyone regardless of their location.

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