Difficult to Manage Because the Wrong Methods are Being Used

If the wrong methods are applied then there will be no results or results which can incur a nightmare. Some may never realize how their “actions” actually create more problems instead of solutions. The word speaks about how God is displeased when individuals come up against the anointed. So when individuals are going about matters in the wrong way they’ll realize that their efforts aren’t producing what they’ve hoped. Perhaps some should consider kindness and try to do some good and see what happens. 

There will always be some who want to solve matters in their own way but because of being bull headed they’re finding that they’re not going in the direction they’d go in. Too many people end up with more problems on their plate because of trying to continuously come up against others. Not even considering there’s other ways, positive ways, ways which will make more happier if “applied.” Not using the proper methods won’t produce what some may want but in time they may figure out their tactics are ridiculous. 

There’s a lot of people who are more focused on committing evil than good. There has to be a time when one wants to do some good. Trying to continuously place others in a ditch. Where’s the “problem solvers?” There seems to be more individuals generating more problems instead of providing solutions. Problems don’t just go away. Some become larger and then there goes the chaos. What makes some become so problematic? Perhaps not receiving what they want or because of not being happy. 

There will always be dysfunctional individuals in the world. No matter what goes on their thoughts may be on trying to cause disconnections instead of making the world a better place “to live” in. That’s how some think. Sounds pretty sad. Some may feel so down and all they know is how to try and get others down. Some may get tired of the same tactics and the same methods and try to do some good. They’re the ones who may sit back and think. 

With all of the troubles within the world. There should be more people trying to produce laughter and joy. There’s way too many people focused on trying to make sure others don’t get ahead instead of focusing on their own prosperity. There should at least be some attempts “to be happy.” Who really has time to be so focused on how individuals are living? Perhaps some desire to see others fail. Some will try all sorts of tactics to try and produce grief for others. “There always be the ones who choose to smile even when the storms arise.” BY: 

Tanikka Paulk

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