Diets and Exercise – Good, Bad or Ugly?

Precisely what can we do to improve our health?

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A good start would be putting a sensible diet and exercise plan into action. Simply taking a brisk walk will not take up too much time and it won’t cost anything. Swimming and dancing are other more enjoyable forms of exercise than a strict gym routine if the thought of being too physical does not appeal. Sticking to a regular exercise routine will see the clothes size reducing and a feeling of well-being will start to kick in.

The diet is the other little jigsaw piece of living a healthier lifestyle. Just eating sensibly, and cutting down on foods that block up the system is as easy as the two magic words, fruit and veg! We all know how good they are and what nutrients they hold and deliver into the body’s system. Plain water is an energy provider and it keeps the body from dehydrating and your skin will glow with health. Taking care of the diet can help to cut out some diseases, especially as we move towards the middle years and onwards. The diseases that develop in general are, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and some cancers. Simply being serious about how we live can help to reduce the risk of a disease developing. The decision to change unhealthy habits is a positive move towards living a healthier lifestyle!

The Ash!
Stub out the cigarettes, they will cause the skin to mature before time and every organ in your body will be seriously affected by the poisonous toxins you are inhaling. Smoking makes you relaxed and it will stop you feeling stressed, it can also cause premature death. You can find other healthier ways to de-stress and relax.  It is much easier these days to give up smoking with all the aids on the market and free prescriptions from your doctor to make the initial cravings more bearable.  Think about the money saved and what you could do with it.  

Drink it wisely and don’t over-indulge, if there is a dependence or going that way get help.

Imagine your diet in the colours; green amber and red, just like traffic lights.  The colours all have a meaning; go, slow down and stop!                                      The Green

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Fresh or frozen vegetables, especially dark leafy greens.
Lean meat – chicken and turkey are healthier options.
Plain fish, oily fish is particularly good.
Skimmed milk and low-fat creams.
Cheese (in moderation), cottage cheese and the lighter versions are better choices.
Alcohol – drink it sensibly.
Tea, coffee (decaffeinated), natural fruit juices are healthy choices and especially water.
Yoghurt, there are many varieties of low or fat-free yoghurt to satisfy the taste buds.
Cereals, not the sugary or chocolate coated types. Porridge is good for the digestive system.
Boiled, scrambled or poached eggs.
Flora spray oil is a healthier alternative. Olive oil is another but use sensibly.
Dark chocolate for a treat.
Baked beans.
Fresh fruit. Tinned have sugars.
Potatoes, boiled, baked, or mashed (don’t mash with high saturated butter and full-fat milk). Roast potatoes for a treat using sensible amounts of oil and there is the 1 cal spray oil option.
Bread that contains seeds, wholemeal or brown.
Brown rice and pasta.                                             The Amber

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Vegetables cooked in rich sauces.
Breaded products and batters.
Fruit, laced with creams and other sauces and pastries.
Meat cooked in rich sauces, pastry or fats (unless healthy oils and sensible amounts).
Fish in batters and bread crumbs and rich sauces.
Full fat cream and milk.
Condensed milk.
Full fat cheeses.
Tea with spoonfuls of sugar and full-fat milk.
Coffee with full-fat cream and sugar.
High saturated levels of fat in butter.
Too many chocolates, sweets, crisps, and other similar products.
Cakes; make one a treat every now and then.
Biscuits, eat fruit instead.
White bread.
White rice and pasta.
Frequently eating ready-made and take away meals.

                                                                                 The Red

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Vegetables roasted in lard or oils containing large quantities of saturated fats.
Too many fish and chips.
Meats roasted or fried in lard or oils, high in saturated fats.
Cheese, high in fat.
Cakes, pies, buns, desserts, high in fats.
Full cream milk.
Alcohol-dependent? Get help!
Overindulgence; more than 1/2 bar of chocolate per day.
Consuming more than 1 packet of crisps and other similar products per day.
Constantly eating sweets.
Tea with full-fat milk, cream and sugar.
Drinking coffee with cream, full-fat milk and sugar; plus the extra toppings on top!
Eating foods in batters, bread crumbs and rich sauces.
Eating fried food every day.
Ready-made meals and takeaways!


Think about your diet like traffic lights, green go for it, amber slow down think about it, red stop!  The green board is the best way forward towards leading a healthier lifestyle. There is no need for expensive and boring diets, just eat the right foods in moderate helpings. Take a little exercise to tone up those muscles and keep your body organs happy. The orange board is something to jump on and off every now and again but never step on the red board or your health could suffer from serious medical conditions and some of those could be life-threatening.

Think green, think healthy, look and feel fabulous!

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