Did You Know that Multitasking Increases Work Productivity?

Low volumes of printing jobs can easily be completed using a regular inkjet or laser printer and multifunction printers. With just a few clicks, all tasks are accomplished. Yet, this is not the case for larger companies, which require higher volumes of print jobs. A regular printing equipment will not be able accommodate.

Given the tight competition in the industry, many large businesses including small and medium enterprises are forced to improve their printing amenities even going as far as hiring additional manpower. And at times, companies choose to outsource print requirements despite being an expensive solution. This however, can be resolved simply by multitasking and purchasing equipment up for the job.

Printing Equipment for Multitasking and Its Advantages

In the last few years, many enhancements have been implemented in multitasking printing equipment like fabricating specific printing functions in one machine. This type of machine is more popularly recognized as all-in-one printers or multifunction printers that come equipped with a scanner, fax and photocopier. The benefits of multifunction printers are outlined below.

  1. It helps an employee to do different printing tasks in one go.
  2. It saves money because the price of this packed machine costs less compared to the total amount that will be paid if the machines are bought individually.
  3. It saves space because only one machine will be positioned in the office. The other spaces that should have been occupied by the individual machines can be converted to other uses.
  4. It also saves time because users will not be going to and fro another printing equipment for a different print job. This then results to high productivity and performance ratings for the entire company.
Cartoon Businessman Multi Tasking Stock Photo Photo by iosphere. Published on 15 May 2014 Stock photo - Image ID: 100261047

Cartoon Businessman Multi Tasking Stock Photo
Photo by iosphere. Published on 15 May 2014
Stock photo – Image ID: 100261047

Reasons Why Businesses Choose to Multitask?

It can be observed that the advantages mentioned above served as reasons too. This should not come as a surprise because the existence of multifunction devices is a solution to the needs of the businesses. Summarized below are the reasons why.

Saves time and money resources. Time and money are important factors in the overall operations of a business. Without these two, a business will not be able to compete and succeed. It is for this reason that time and money management is a difficult task that needs to be monitored and used wisely. This is where multifunction devices come into play since these help improve office productivity.

Improves production rate of businesses. The productivity rate is one factor that serves as basis to the current situation of a business. A high rating can be attributed to a fully functional system, while a low rating corresponds to an ineffective one. Therefore, it is wise for companies to setup an effective multitasking process and equip employees with all-in-one devices to assist them with their work.

Free space available for productive work. Office space is almost always limited – may it be a large or small area. Hence, it is important that it is arranged and organized according to the operational flow of the workplace. The use of a multitasking device leaves free space for other equipment or room for productive work.

Multitasking together with multifunction devices positively help improve office performance and productivity. However, these should not only be the focus. In order to succeed, businesses should plan, manage, and budget properly.

The office space, office equipment, and printing devices all contribute to the success or failure of an organization, one way or another. So, it is best to arrange the office area accordingly, maintain all equipment regularly, and keep a replacement remanufactured toner cartridge for multifunction laser printer or a spare ink cartridge for multifunction inkjet printer at all times.

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