Delicious Paneer Dishes That Nobody Can Avoid!

Even though it is a funny debate but it has always been there between the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. Whose food is healthier or whose food is tastier or has a wider range in the food menu etc.  And honestly there is no exact answer to it. But lucky are those who consider themselves to be a big time foodie. Because this way, you are not on the side of a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, but instead you are on the side of food.

I am an absolute foodie and I eat according to my mood. I love to eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. And I must say when it comes to choosing a vegetarian dish one of my top preference is always cottage cheese or as we all know paneer.

In today’s article I am listing 3 paneer dishes that are an absolute delight and also are very popular and loved by both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians.

  • Paneer butter masala-The paneer butter masala is one such dish that no one can say no to. Well if you have eaten chicken butter masala then this wouldn’t taste so different because they happen to use the same kind of gravy for their curry. The gravy is velvety soft and thick and has a generous amount of butter and fresh whipped crème. The taste is neither too spicy nor too sweet. This can be ideally had with tandoori roti, naan or rice. Also, you could prepare this all by yourself at home. Take help of the internet to get the recipe and try out this recipe soon.
  • Paneer malai kofta– Koftais basically a ball in the curry. A paneer malai kofta has paneer balls in the malai curry. Malai means crème. This curry looks pale white because of the crème in it and has a slightly sweetish taste. This makes an ideal dish for those who do not like their food to be spicy or hot. It goes well with tawa roti or tandoori roti. If you are already fascinated by the description then you must find out paneer kofta banana ki vidhi
  • Palakpaneer– Palak means spinach in Hindi. The palak paneer uses thick and creamy spinach gravy which gives the dish a green look over all. In them it has cubes of paneer that are soft and delicately cooked with the gravy. It is delicious to have and goes well with tawa roti or tandoori roti. It is super easy to make. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately try out this dish and if you need some help then the internet is loaded up with food tutorial videos and recipes altogether.

So, these are my three favourite paneer recipes, and you have to try them out. Apart from these, we also have paneer bhurji, paneer chilli, paneer pakoda, paneer dahiwala, etc. There are so many dishes that are made of paneer, and I would suggest you to try out all and surprise our family with your cooking skills.

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