Dead Wife takes Roles in Family Affairs


Though posted on December 3, 2009 in, I find this piece amazing besides reading it for the first time. I decide to pass it on to you dear readers with hope that you’ll find it equally interesting, quaint and thought-provoking as it did to me.

Titled “Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years,” I made up my mind to change it to its current title to show that the wife, despite of her passing, can still do emotional roles besides acting as bed mate.

Le Van’s wife passed away

This unusual human event started this way. Ha Lam which is probably a town in the central province of Quang Nam in Vietnam is the setting of this story, where a 55-year-old family man Le Van, and his family dwelt. An unavoidable misfortune happened to the family one day in 2003 where the report manifested that Le Van’s wife had died, without mentioning the cause why.

For health and sanitation reason, Le Van’s wife was buried in the place’s cemetery with proper credential and with close relatives attending the burial. A doting husband, Le Van paid his darling wife’s grave a visit daily together with his son. But as days passed, his longing for his wife’s companionship grew the more.

Le Van sleeps with wife in grave

About a year and a half after his wife’s demise, he began to spent the night with her in the solitary hours in the cemetery. To keep himself comfortable and free from the wind, rain and elements, he dug a tunnel by his wife’s grave so as to sleep with his wife unmolested. What Le Van was doing seemed queer and not conforming to social and cultural norms. Neighbors and authorities got wind of his bizarre nightly rendezvous with his departed one and advise him to stop.

Van brings body of dead wife home

However in the year 2004, the report says precisely in November, Van retraced back his footsteps to the graveyard with a new resolution. In the stillness of the night amidst chirping of nocturnal insects, Van dug up his wife’s cadaver and carried it homeward. In the family’s home, there Van’s wife remains is kept as of today, according to the source.  I don’t know if this is true up to this day, November 28, 2014, a time frame of ten years since picking up and retelling this story.


This particular part of the story, I mean in the source, is punctuated with a photographed of Van’s dead wife together with her son. Nightly, before sleeping, the son had to hug his mother, it is said in the report.

A local Vietnamese newspaper, as told by Le Van, said that the neighbours have turned cold shoulders by not visiting him for years, but little by little they’ve come to accept Van’s unusual behaviour, and are now paying him a visit.


I have to borrow what Le Van’s personality is as quoted from the source: “I’m a person that does things differently. I’m not like normal people. My wife’s body only passed away but her spirit still accompanies us. I have no fear when it comes to sleeping with her at all.”

Based on local health rules stating among others, that corpses must be buried or cremated, and that burials in residential gardens are deemed illegal without approval, concerned local authorities are going to conduct an inspection in Ha Lam in the light of the aforestated pertinent provisions.

In the earlier part of the source article, it disclosed Le Van, after digging up his wife’s body, “molded it with clay into a female figure and put it in his bed so he could hug it every night for the past five years.”

If you want an update of the story as of 2011, you may use this link:


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