Creation of Universe-The Big Bang Theory

Galaxy M33 Chandra X-ray Observatory

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The universe consist of stars, planets and galaxies, but for me it’s full of questions and mysteries. Aren’t you all curious to know about the origin of the universe, from where it started? Many unanswered questions are there just waiting to be answered. I’m not sure I will be able to quench your curiosity but I’ll try.

 The ancient scientists used to believe that the universe always existed as it is today, without changing. In 1927 a Belgian priest and scientist George Lemaitre proposed a new concept, a new idea. According to his theory the universe began with a large atom exploding into number of smaller atoms which later on participated in the formation of stars and planets. But his concept wasn’t accepted. Two years later in 1929 astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that our universe is in fact continuously expanding and justified the theory of George Lemaitre. This theory was later on termed as “Big Bang” theory. Since that time many changes have been made to this theory.

 It amazes me how the entire universe was created just from an explosion. It is believed that before “Big Bang” there was nothing and the whole universe was as small as a pinhead. The universe emerged from a violent burst which expanded energy in the form of matter and antimatter which largely destroyed each other, but luckily some matter survived, protons and neutrons came into picture, creating first species of nuclei and with time these nuclei captured electrons and formed hydrogen and helium atoms, creating gigantic clouds of hydrogen and helium.

 Due to the gravitational force and other forces created during the “Big Bang” these clouds get converted into stars, which are the huge masses of gas mainly hydrogen and helium which continuously facilitates fusion reaction (combination of two hydrogen atoms to form one helium atom with the release of tremendous amount of energy). These stars became main source of energy for other celestial objects like planets. The energy released during “Big Bang” get converted into mass, the mass which created stars, planets, galaxies and everything.

 So according to “Big Bang theory the universe literally comes out of nothing. However this theory is not complete, it does give us insight about the creation of universe but does not provide any explanations for the initial conditions of the universe after the “Big Bang”, it just describes and explains the general evolution of the universe.

  Large particle accelerator like Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was created especially to uncover the mysteries of evolution of the universe which “Big Bang” theory was unable to explain. I’ll write about Large Hadron collider (LHC) in my next article soon.

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