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Working as a freelance writer and affiliate advertiser you cross paths with many like-minded entrepreneurs. What you don’t hear or read about someone else does, and they freely share their business tips with the community! In the course of a discussion, a fellow home business entrepreneur mentioned a new website called, where links to both your published content and affiliate referral links and products could be shared. It is a means of increasing your views and your sales.


Followed up on this tip, created my account and set up two boards: Shopping My Way and Around the Web. My first impression of the site was enough to motivate me to contact the site owners directly. Asked if they would respond to a few questions and allow me to publish their responses to let more people know about this new site. The Q &A is below.

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► Q: How long has been operational?

We launched our beta in April of 2014.


► Q: is very similar to, but NOT. What is the idea or concept that makes it different? is similar to Pinterest in that the way you add new posts is the same way PINs are added, by simply pulling info from provided URLs.

However, Pinterest allows the user to collect links and related images, and/or upload images, and provide a description of a maximum of 500 characters.


By contrast?

Using you can collect web pages similar to “pinning” and/or create your own web pages, uploading documents (PDF, MS Office, Google Docs), posting your own text, customizing page UI, posts size, etc. In fact every page is a micro-website, which you control on your own.

At present, Chitika and Amazon ad widgets are allowed and can be displayed. *

* In fact all types of affiliate links are allowed. The only problem here is that not all of them are processed correctly on our back office side because every affiliate platform is unique and sometimes we have to make an effort to support it on our side.  The user should feel free to contact us and request our assistance. If the user notifies us that an affiliate link does not work as expected, we will do our best improve it.

Our primary goal of is to facilitate and simplify the creation of web pages combining the best features of blogging applications, social media sharing platforms, article writing and publishing, and affiliate referrals and product advertising.

► Q: What are the future plans for, i.e. where do you plan to go from here?

We have a lot of plans for further improvements.

  • More options for dynamic content and widgets.
  • More monetization options (now we support Chitika and Amazon Associates).
  • Provide even more control over the page: more UI customizations, SEO options, using of own domains, etc.
  • Mobile app to quickly create web pages from any place at any time.


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