How to create smokin’ cat eyes for the Holidays

The Cat eyes for the Holidayscat eye siren look has been around since the early 50s. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Bridgette Bardot all made the look their trademark. And today, it’s as popular as it was then, gracing the eyes of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, and countless more.  It is a smokin’ look and immediately lends a mysterious yet playful siren look to the eyes.

If you’re thinking about raising the bar and wearing this look this Christmas, to ‘glamour-eyes’ your party or event, here’s a few tips on how to practice for the big night.

Take some time to practice

If you want to look like one of these icons, put a little time aside to practice at home. Just concentrate on the cats eye and nothing else. If you were a makeup artist, the cat liner would go on after the base eyelid primer and/or shadow and before the mascara.

But for the purpose of learning, all you need is a black or charcoal grey eyeliner pencil, a liquid eyeliner and some q-tips and water. A cake or gel eyeliner is another option and might be a little easier to use, if you’re not used to the liquid eyeliner.

Getting started

Place your q-tips,dampened with a little makeup remover, in an easy-to-reach spot, and use a good mirror. Have your quality black or charcoal eyeliner pencil and your black or charcoal liquid eyeliner, cake or gel liner ready.  (If using cake liner you will also need a stiff angle brush that is moistened to make the paste.) Begin with making a fairly thin line with the pencil from the inside corner of the eye, all the way along to just short of the outer corner.  Be sure to keep it very close to the lid.

If you’re not adept at this, then you can draw small dots along the same route, ending at the same place. If you’ve drawn dots, then your next step is to connect them.

Wingin’ it

Just short of the outer corner, draw a very light line up in a curve away from the lid. (If you’ve messed up any part of the line or this curve or wing, you can clean it perfectly with your moistened q-tip.) Now, if you like the way that light line looks, you can draw a matching wing line on the other eyelid. Again, use the q-tip to clean any mistakes. Now, you’ve got the beginning of your cat eyeliner.

The final step is to use that first penciled eyeliner and your  ‘lightly-drawn’ wings as a guide. Go back and go over the pencil line with either, the above mentioned liquid, gel or cake liner. Be sure that the line is dark and intense and draw right up to the end of that wing-curve.

There’s an option here to fill in the space that is left between the outer corner of the lid and the wing with a little more liner so that it is a solid  colour or leave it as is.

Now what

Once you become a pro at the cat eye application you will really only apply it after you have applied a base primer or concealer followed by an all-over pale eyeshadow that covers the entire eyelid to the brow. But for now, just get the cat eyeliner right first.

However, later when adding the shadow,after the liner, you risk the fact that the shadow will dull and cover that cat eye liner.

Here’s the fix

Simply, apply the eyeliner as you did in your practice and then carefully add the base and an accentuating shadow, if preferred. Yes, you will have dulled your line with the shadow but now, with everything applied, you just go over the line one more time with the liquid or gel eyeliner!

This quick trick will tide you over until creating the cats eye look is just a quick prowl in the park.

The final finishes

Don’t forget that your mascara is the last thing to go on and make it black and intense. Be sure to go over your eyebrows, too, and make sure they look great. Your entire look could be spoiled with either too light or too dark eyebrows.

You may even want to skip that blush completely or keep it light as the focus should be on your eyes. Lips should be either light or any shade of red or ruby for this Christmas season!

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