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Private Garden

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Creating a private garden space is easier than you might imagine. All you really need is some fast growing vines, and either a fence or trellis.

Many gardening enthusiasts plant flowers and vines for the sheer love of playing in the dirt. Others plant things because they want the end result: Beautiful color and texture in their yard. There’s another great reason to maintain a garden though… you can use flowers and plants to create a little private retreat in your own front or back yard. This is even more appealing for anyone who lives in a neighborhood where houses are crowded a bit too close together.

If you have an existing fenced in area or yard, you’re already half way there. If you don’t have a fenced area, you’ll need to start by either buying and installing a fence… or putting up some basic trellises. The trellis will need to be secured against something as well, and this article isn’t intended to teach you how to install those. Suffice it to say that you can buy sheets of trellis at almost any hardware or yard and garden store. Those places also tend to sell four by four wooden blocks in long lengths as well.

How To Plant a Flower Garden

Burying the four by four poles in the ground at least two feet deep, maybe even putting a bit of concrete into the hole to ensure they’re secure. Space the poles at a distance that matches your trellis sheets. If those are five feet wide for instance, your poles will be buried five feet apart. Then you simply nail or staple the trellish sheets to the wooden poles.

Now once you have either a general fence or a trellis in place, you’ll want to choose your vines. There are many types of vines to choose from. Some will create beautiful flowers, while others simply sport glossy green leaves year round. Some will have different colors during different seasons as well.

Choose vines that will grow fast: Examples include English Ivy, Morning Glory, and Clematis. You’ll want to make sure the vines will grow tall enough for your privacy area. If they only grow three feet for instance, will that provide as much privacy as you’d like? I suggest getting vines that grow at least six feet tall or more.

Next you’ll need to choose how you’d like to plant your vines. A simple way to do this is to just buy several medium to large size pots that will sit next to your fence or trellis. Then just put your new plants or seeds into the pots, and care for them. As they start growing, you may need to “train” them a bit. All this means is putting the creeping vines around the fence or trellis material so the vines start attaching themselves to it and growing up along it.

A more polished way to create your space is to make a small plant bed all the way around the inside of your fence or trellis area. Simply clear one to two feet in front of your fence or trellis. You can make it prettier by putting a garden bed edging on the outside of the cleared dirt area if you’d like. Then add some compost or new potting soil to the cleared dirt area, and add your plants or seeds. Care for them according to instructions, and they’ll soon start growing like wildfire. As the vines begin to lengthen, train them by wrapping them around the fence or trellis. Before you know it they’ll be climbing away on their own, and you’ll have a tranquil and private garden area.

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