Crazy Halloween Themed Contact Lenses

The fascination of men of all times from a different colored eye have been known to exist since the beginning of days when people from different regions of the world started interacting on different scope for example when conquerors from different regions of the world conquered other regions of the world, people would notice differences

and similarities both. But again it is the color of the eyes that have been part of many poems till now and which is even evident from today’s people point of view when they usually try to describe a person who they like to be with or have a relationship with. How crazy that might sound but the fact is there are many people among us who still are very fascinated by a different color of eye cortex from their own.

Evolution of Contact lenses:

The concept that vision can be corrected came into being in 1508 when Leonardo da Vinci formulated the concept of contact lenses, years later a British astronomer in 1823 further worked on the concept of Da Vinci and developed a design that was practically applicable, thus the evolution began and further advancements resulted in the product that we see today which is a very small silicone-hydrogel lens and now even the fascination of the world about eyes has also played its role and we can see these contact lenses in so many color varieties and themes.

Colored themed Lenses:

The color of the eye can charm people however color of the eyes can also be very scary, one of the reason why in the Halloween season people are looking for themed contact lenses. For instance if you have namely followed the concept of demons every movie or TV show who base a story obviously fictional around this concept, always features the demons with black eyes, for that matter and vampires with red eyes. Some more interesting themes includes white cat themed lenses and yellow cat eyes themed contact lenses. These lenses can be very much fun to wear and fool around with friends. So you can almost find any type of theme when you are looking for contact lenses to wear to a Halloween party and want to impress your friends.


Although we do know that once in a while letting go of the cautiousness is the need of the today’s challenging and fast moving world in order to give your brain a break which for that matter has also been proven by studies that relaxation enlightens the brain cells and help create new nerve cells in brain. But, eyes are very fragile and we should keep in mind that no matter what, we should never abuse this gift of nature. Taking care of them should be our first priority.  So how can we do both, take care of the eyes and also wear those crazy themed lenses which can be harmful for the eyes, the best way is to have prescribed lenses even when they are not being used for vison correction purpose. Secondly using good quality contact lenses and restricting the use to few hours can also be a good strategy to achieve both the goals. So have crazy fun this Halloween people!  


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