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Content.Ad provides free widgets for websites and blogs.  This content marketing service has been in business since 2008.

If you have a Tumblr blog, then Content.Ad units can be easily added and displayed. Plus you can earn additional revenue via these free widgets.


UPDATE:  November 1, 2016:  This post was first published April 23, 2015.  My Tumblr blog is no longer being published as of September 2016.  But I am publishing a foodie blog on Blogspot and used the Content.Ad widget.  See screenshot below.  The small boxes that have the label above “Content and Products Suggested by EES” was created using Content.Ad


So proud of me. Gotta share this. It’s all about Related Posts Widgets. All the bloggers are doing it! Right? Ever visited a blog and you see these string of posts at the bottom which are usually “Sponsored Content”. Some have images. Some are just text strings. This blogging tip is about the widget that generates those types of link shares.


Ever wonder how those widgets appear on the blogs? Look closely.  The widgets also supply a link so you can go straight to the site that created it. One day a click on a link led me to Content.Ad.


There are literally hundreds of widget providers. Certain blogging platforms work well with one type of widget. Whereas for other blogging applications, it easier to install a different widget. At my Tumblr blog, the Content.Ad widgets were so easy to embed … installed two of them!


[ Spoiler alert: Your blog has to be approved. Sorry. Content.Ad doesn’t share their widgets with everybody! They check out your blog first. Don’t know why but they approved mine! Not going to question a blessing. ]


Have had these widgets installed for years. However, just discovered this recently (It happens when you’re self-taught. But better now than never!).

  • Content.Ad allows you to customize your content sources.


Shocking? Yeah! I know! Can you believe it??! In an age where everything is automated through the gazoo, you actually have the option to do something “manually”.


So first you create the widget and then you have two choices:

(1) Let it work automatically and pull content from various sources; or

(2) Select specific sources and modify the widget so that links are only pulled from your “custom sources” and presented at your blog.


By the way, there is income or revenue earning potential. If or when you visit the site just review their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for details.


Continuing on …

For the widgets at my Tumblr blog, chose two different formats.

– For “Sponsored Content” – the display shows Thumbnails and Text Links; the content options or sources are automated.

– For my “Other” widget – the display is called Dual Column – Stacked. The content sources are 50/50, that is, 50% content from “Around the Web” the system chooses the links via an automated process. The other 50%? Links are chosen from my own hand-picked links – referred to as “Custom Sources” and labeled “Articles by Cmoneyspinner”.


When a visitor arrives at my blog to read a post:

– One widget displays after each individual post (NOTE: you won’t see it if you are at the blog Home Page).  The Dual Column – Stacked widget shows – half and half – articles written by me (HUBpages, Wizzley, Daily Two Cents, Writedge, Persona Paper, etc.); plus other content from elsewhere on the web.

– The other widget with Thumbnails and Text Links– always appears at the bottom of the page – displays 100% sponsored content.


This is fabulously exciting! What a great way to share my own material and redirect traffic to my other freelance writing work; and generate some extra income.


Don’t say this is too complicated!


If moi – a technologically challenged dimwit can do it – so can you!

  • Content.Ad widgets are completely free to use. 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 🙂

(Screenshot below of my Blogspot foodie blog made using Awesomescreenshot, a Chrome browser extension add-on.)

Food Ways Presented by Everyday Exotic Spices 



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Content.Ad Free Widgets and Tumblr (or Blogspot)
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