Common Disneyland Touring Mistakes You Should Avoid

Going to Disneyland is an experience of a lifetime. You will never forget a lot of them, but you should not let mistakes become part of those pleasant memories. If you happen to stumble upon a chance to take a Disneyland tour through Disney vacation club points for sale or by any other means, you should be aware of these common mistakes beforehand. Learning from the mistakes of others is the best way to avoid committing them – moving forward.


1. Not applying sunscreen lotion, not wearing a hat and using-open toed sandals.


The weather is mostly fine in Disneyland but it can be a problem if you don’t take the necessary precautions. The place is also crowded with lots of strollers that can run over your feet and give you blisters. To avoid these possibilities altogether, you should wear casual shoes or sneakers. Don’t let the scorching heat of the sun spoil your day. Apply sun screen lotion and wear a hat to protect your head and scalp from sunburn. You will realize how important these are when you get there.


2. Underestimating the number of visitors.


You might not know it, but being in the best theme park in the world can’t be all-fun. Disney visitors can go as high as high as 50,000 individuals in one day. You should expect it to be crowded. This can translate into long lines and long waiting times for rides and other treats. You can save a lot of time however, if you avail of their Fastpass service.


3. Not eating ahead of the designated time.


The normal eating times in Disney are 12 noon and 6 pm. If you go by this schedule, chances are you’ll have to deal with a huge crowd and be unable to find a place to eat conveniently. Avoid this from happening by eating an hour ahead of the normal schedule. This will give you a shorter line and a comfortable place to eat. If you want to eat at a restaurant with table service, you should make advance dining reservations to avoid possible problems.


4. Not considering the time you need to spend to park.


If you are using your own vehicle in getting to Disney, you should leave your home or hotel early. It takes thirty minutes to get a parking space before you can enter the park. Leaving early can give you more time to enjoy and spend a longer day to enjoy the rides and other treats.


There are a lot of ways to get a chance to visit the world’s greatest theme park and buying Disney vacation club points is one of those. If you happen to come across this chance, by all means, you should take it. But you must plan your trip carefully to avoid mistakes that can spoil what is supposed to be the greatest vacation of your life. Remember, Disneyland is a wonderful place, but it can’t give you the greatest experience if you fail to plan ahead.  A good plan will help you to identify problems that can be avoided and devise a strategy that works to give you the best value for your money.


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