Common Causes of Ear Itch and How to Treat Them

Ear itch is not fatal and it can happen to people of all ages, but it can be a real nuisance to make some people do weird reactions like sticking objects into their ears which can cause trauma to the ear canal.


If you can’t stop scratching your ears, you should seek professional help to be able to know what triggered the itching. Whatever the cause of your ear itch may be, you must avoid sticking any object into your ears to prevent it from getting damaged or infected.


Ear itch can be caused by lots of factors and these include:


Buildup of Earwax


Earwax is made up of dirt and dead skin cells that got into your ears. It is actually a product of your body’s work to clean your ears naturally. When earwax accumulates inside the ear canal, it can trigger itchiness.


The itchy sensation can tempt you to remove your earwax with anything including a cotton swab. You must avoid doing it because trying to pick the earwax with an object might only push it deeper inside. A better solution would be to break up the wax over-the-counter-eardrops. If this doesn’t work, ask a doctor to remove the wax for you.




Ear infection is so common especially in children. Seventy-five percent of kids experience at least one ear infection before their third birthday. When bacteria or viruses find their way into your ears, an infection which can trigger severe itchiness can take place. Ear infections are likely to happen especially if you catch allergies, cold, flu, or when water, which can weaken the natural defenses of your ear canal, gets into your ear.


Some types of infection may vanish on its own but if that doesn’t happen, you must seek the help of professionals like the specialists of Oklahoma City ENT Clinic to treat the infection and stop the itch. This could involve the use of prescription eardrops or antibiotics.


Skin Allergy


Allergic reactions can affect any part of your skin including the inner part of your ears. In order to counteract the itch, you may take antihistamines or use steroid cream prescribed by your doctor.


Eczema or psoriasis


These are skin conditions that can trigger itchiness in the ear canals. The itch can be removed however with ear drops or steroid pills.




Cleaning your inner ears with cotton swabs, bobby pin, ball pen cap, or even your finger can cause inflammation of your ear canal which can cause itchiness. You should avoid inserting any object inside your ears, especially sharp or unsterilized objects to prevent injury and avoid the entry of harmful bacteria. The itch is an indication of something that can’t be solved by inserting things into your ear canal. There are better and safer ways to do it.


Our ears play a big role in the quality of life we have. Yet most of us take it for granted. We should take good care of our ears by giving them the care and attention we give to our other sense organs like our eyes and nose. Remember, your inner ears are just centimeters away from your brain. You should not allow it to be infected.

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