Collecting Antiques – Hobby or Business?

Collecting antiques can be a fun filled activity filling your leisure when you have nothing else to do. It is never too late to start anything whether it is writing, traveling or searching collectibles. It can start as a hobby and expand into a business. In fact most of the businesses start as a part-time hobby. People are afraid that collecting antiques requires a lot of money. In fact, this is not the case, you can start small. Start collecting items that are affordable, keep aside some money every month to invest.

Where do you hunt for antiques?
Antique shops, flea market, garage sales and online shops are great for finding antiques and artifacts. However; the most important thing to remember is not getting duped. Perhaps there isn’t an antique collector who hasn’t got cheated on the planet, but keeping it to minimum will ensure that your savings do not dwindle and you can pursue it as a hobby or part-time income. It can also serve as an alternative income or pay your bills on retirement. Whatever the case, small or big, you can turn your venture into a satisfying activity.

Powell Masterpiece Handpainted Wood Jewelry Armoire, Antiqued Parchment
Powell Masterpiece Handpainted Wood Jewelry Armoire, Antiqued Parchment

Is there a date for marking antique?
For an antique to be genuine, most collectors consider 1830s to be the benchmark year. Products made on and before 1830s were limited, they were not produced in bulk. Antiques are one of its kind, handmade, handcrafted and less in number. However; in some cases you can find a prized antique made in 19th century also. For beginners, this period is considered innocuous, but for experienced collectors it can vary. Words of caution though, the items that are manufactured after this period can also be valuable and you cannot judge an antique just by the manufacturing date.

How to define the cost of antique?
There are many factors that establish the price of the antique. The condition, the wear and tear, handling, authentication certificate and any other evidence that can be verified by a professional and experienced person who dabbles in the niche or is a connoisseur of that domain. There are many antiques which are unique and perhaps the last piece surviving on earth. Some of the antiques can be priceless in the eyes of collector. Many antiques are priced extraordinarily and they are securely kept in the museums.

What qualifies as antiques?
Any item like jewellery, decorative glass, coins, memorabilia, sports icons, signatures from famous historians, presidents can qualify as antiques. The items are just not confined to the list, In fact you can find costumes, jackets, barber items, space stuff and many other items that collectors love to call antiques and collect them.

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