Clearing Airs of Career in Investment Banking and Financial Analysis

People are exploring and trying their hands at a lot of possibilities before they finally settle into one kind of a career. Deciding itself is a bit of a difficulty for professionals of the millennial generation because of the availability of zillions of opportunities. When we talk about a career in finance- again there are multitudes of diversities in educational specializations you can aim for.

There’s a career in investment banking and then there’s financial analysis career. Switching a career in the starting is a far easier concern than it is at a later point in time. As you go on becoming adept in knowledge, competencies, skills, and abilities- choosing a different career path can be a daunting task. In the next phase of a different career path, you have to start all over again in the basic competencies that define that role.

Choosing a career between investment banking and financial analysis is about choosing which to choose according to your career goals and lifestyle. Financial analysts are directly involved into a company’s prospects of a long-term growth. They often are included in the decision making and strategic planning of an organizational system. On the other hand, investment banking career is more about scaling and growing company profits and mercantile success by way of nurturing, designing, and implementing processes.

Investment banking career teaches you to work hard, communicate efficiently with different stakeholders, and act professionally. Not limited to these activities, it also helps you learn the management of work streams, multitasking, and executing the deliverables on time. Plus, the capabilities and experience you gain during this period push you to excel in other industries too. Your experience gained as the time being an investment banker can instill in you a resilience which can be explored to start a business or work with a start-up.

Usually, start-ups pay very less. They don’t even offer year-end or festival bonus. But working through tough times offer you a great reward. Thinking about shifting gears from investment banking to financial analysis will make one thing very clear to you. And that is advantageous to investment banking. When you are into investment banking career, you have access to a whole lot of resources otherwise not available to the financial analyst. It can be designers who present splendid presentations and research staff giving you market research on the portfolio to be invested in, asset class to buy and sell, and imminent mergers and acquisitions.

The underpinnings of a career in investment banking can be an anchor for other financial careers you may plan to shift to in the future course of time. In these turbulent waters of economic uncertainties, it’s good to know when you are doing your job as an investment banker, you are learning professional skills which might come handy anytime. Still thinking about which profession to choose? Think in terms of where you want to be five years down the line. That’s your best bet for an answer.                                

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