Circadian Rythms Part One


This story is not about finding love or about great works. It’s not about truths or justices. This is a tale about sacrifices, made in pain and hurt. I wished I could tell you this story had a happy ending but, alas, I don’t much believe in happy endings anymore. This is my story about duty and honor and doing what is right no matter how afraid you may be, no matter how terrifying that duty may be. What would you do to save the ones you loved? Would you die a painful death? Fight a battle not your own? Would you trade the greatest love for the slowest agony? What are the people in your heart worth to you? Some would murder. Some would steal. Some cut away chunks of themselves just to see a smiling face one last time.

‘What can we do for those who have lost,

Not sight of the goal, but sight of the cost?’

This is not a story about running away. This is a story about revolution and of seeing things the way no one has seen them in centuries. It’s about breaking out of the mold in order to see the world anew. So what would you be willing to do for the ones you love? The answer… is everything.

Tear yourself inside out and be reborn by fire, no longer a silly little girl but a queen to lead her people into a new age of redemption.

‘Many a finish, many an end,

For enemy, for lover,

For betrayer, for friend.’

My name is Kak’rin Nadia Caelistis. This is the story of how myself and two unusual people rebuilt and reunited an entire nation.


A Priori


You know that feeling you get when you can’t remember your dreams? You know that there’s something terribly important there that you must recall but try as you may you can’t remember it. At best, you can catch a snatch of a sentence, the ghost of a smirk before it’s swallowed up once again.

I wasn’t given much time to dwell on the matter, regrettably. The shock of an explosion and the blast of shattering glass jerked my consciousness back to the here and now. I could hear my good friend scream from the next room next to me before my bureau mirror crashed to the floor. I would be a fool if I said I wasn’t terrified out of my wits. My heart was hammering in my chest like a blacksmith’s anvil. I jumped out of my bed without a moment to lose as if a mad phooka were on my heels. I landed on my butt with an ‘oomph!’, unable to keep my balance on the shuddering, quaking stone floor. I was gonna feel that one tomorrow, for sure.

Sundine cried out once more from the guest bedroom, and a spike of guilt flashed through me. She’d only come to visit me and now she was stuck in… whatever this was. Were we being attacked? Was this an earthquake? An explosion, an accident? Was anyone hurt? Were my parents okay? The entire palace shook once more. The door to Sundine’s connecting room opened, pouring the poor fae girl and my nurse, Elyse into the room unsteadily. My heart filled with a relieved affection. At least they were alright. Elyse, an elder woman who had a pinched look from ages of illness, and chasing me around, puffed her frail chest heaving. She looked as if she would say something but before her voice could get the words out, all of the crashes and sounds of demolition ceased as if they’d never occurred at all.

An eerie, unnatural muteness stretched across the entire capital building. The quiescence was so thick that only the sounds of our heavy, frightened breaths filled the empty space. How many seconds, minutes, hours, passed in that seemingly fathomless silence? The lights in the courtyard below flickered and died, throwing us into complete shadow. All was still and empty, a Stygian shadow, as if we had been cast into a hellish void. I imagined that the beginning of time must have been like this. Just this obscurity, this hush, stretching out over everything we knew. The soundlessness was pierced suddenly by a noise that cut through the murk like a blade. It was such a contrast to the previously muted world that it took my brain a long moment to comprehend what it was that I was hearing. Screams. The shrieks of my people, my land, my loved ones, echoed through the halls of Ciel Dormander, bouncing off of the marble like they would be forever recorded there for all to hear. The sounds sent terrified shudders running down my spine but none so much as the high pitched keening wail that followed. It was a whooping chattering, like a pack of hyenas on a kill. It rang out sharp until a multitude of its brethren joined it’s song. A cacophony of howls, yips, and chatters raised in the midnight air.

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