Christmas Leftover Stir Fry Tools for Turkey- Mandoline

A stir fry Christmas recipe is ideal for people who enjoy the rich flavor of carrots, sweet peppers and other fresh vegetables in their meals at any time of day. If you have turkey, try a Christmas turkey stir fry that you and everyone at your dinner table will enjoy.

Stir Fry Tools Save Time

Time is of the essence when you are cooking Christmas dinner and any tool that makes things easier is a blessing. A mandoline is one tool that will make it easy to prepare a Christmas turkey stir fry.

Christmas Leftover Stir Fry Tools for Turkey- Mandoline

Christmas Leftover Stir Fry Tools for Turkey- Mandoline

Stir fry meals, such as asparagus tofu stir fry, are thought of as healthier than regular fried food. This is because a small amount of oil at high temperature is used to quickly sear the ingredients.


Christmas Leftover Stir Fry

Stir Fry Tools Help Utilize Leftovers

You can cook vegetables more quickly with a Christmas turkey stir fry. This way, less oil is absorbed by the food and fewer nutrients are lost from the turkey and other foodstuff because the cooking time is short.

How to Cut Perfect Stir Fry Vegetables by Hand

If you are cutting vegetables by hand, hold the knife at right angles to the cutting surface and slice straight down through the vegetables and away from your body. The vegetables used in stir frying have to be thin, preferably as thin as match sticks, so that they will cook faster and be more flavorful and tender. Thin vegetable slices are also used in Japanese soups.

Kitchen Tools That Help Every Asian Style Chef 

People who do a lot of Asian cooking usually prefer to invest in a mandoline. It produces more accurate cuts of vegetables and fruit. For this reason, it is preferred when cooking a lot of food that involves stir frying.

A mandoline set usually contains a thin julienne blade, a coarse grater and a thick julienne blade. With these blades, straight cuts and waffle cuts can be made. The slices are uniform. This makes the stir fry visually appealing and easier to eat.

Stir Fry Tools – Preparing Turkey for Stir Fry


Benefit of Keeping Slices Uniform

Additionally, with the identical sizes of the slices, the cooking time is kept uniform. Ginger or garlic can be sliced with a small mandoline blade and added directly to the oil for flavor.


Stir Fry Tools – Using A Mandoline


Which Vegetables are Used in Stir Fry Dishes?

Many vegetables-onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, carrots- can be used in a stir fry. A stir fry usually consists of three parts vegetables to 1 part meat. Select the vegetables that you will use both for taste and the richness in color that you want your stir fry to have.

When to Add Meat to Stir Fry

Meat, which takes the longest time to cook, should be added before any of the vegetables. The vegetables which take longer to cook, such as sweet peppers, should be added to the wok after.

A mandoline is a handy tool. One can be used to waffle potatoes, slice zucchini and of course, make potato chips. Whether you bake or fry your potato chips, this will save you a lot of work so you can quickly enjoy chips at home. Julienne vegetables nicely any time you want to.


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