Choose a Personal Coffee Maker that Suits You 

A lot of people drink coffee on a daily basis. Everyone seems to have a ritual when it comes to how they want to enjoy their brew. There are those who will make the conscious efforts to walk or drive to the nearest Starbucks. Others feel that places like Starbucks lack personality and individuality. They feel that coffee should be a personal thing. It should be a moment of introspection. If that is your case, you might want to invest in personal coffee maker.

If you are the coffee snob and can’t stand sharing with others you work with, personal coffee makers might be an option for you. It is also good to know that a lot of personal coffee makers available are rather affordable. You can get one for as little as eight dollars. If you want something more stylish that you can show off and probably annoy your jealous colleagues or friends, you can try the Keurig B30 Mini Gourmet Single Cup Brewer. If your friends say you are selfish with your personal coffee maker, you can insist that it is not a personal coffee maker but a “mini Gourmet”. They will likely reply by saying “whatever”. This is not a cheap home appliance but for someone with a lot of personality, spending $60 at Newegg is the way to go.

Not everyone interested in a personal coffee maker is a snob. At times, you might just be alone and you don’t have many friends. It can also be that the few friends you have don’t care too much for coffee. If you find yourself in such a situation and you don’t want to spend too much on your personal home device, the Hamilton Beach 49990 Personal Cup Stay or Go Pod Brewer is a good option that will cost you about $20.

These small coffee machines are ideal for the person that just likes to have a cup of coffee now and then, too.  You don’t have to buy large amounts of coffee and you don’t have to make an entire pot.  You can just make a quick cup when you feel like you need a little pick me up.

There are those who buy personal coffee makers because they are never home and don’t want to spend money buying a bigger appliance that they seldom use. Such a small device is practical and can be easily stored when not in use. This is great for those who are constantly on the move and who only get to spend some time at home on the weekends.

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