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Chitika-Revenue-SharingAs the famous saying goes, we should never put all our eggs on the same basket. Relying on a single source of our online income is too risky. Chitika revenue sharing has not been implemented by many websites and most of the revenue sharing websites share revenue with Google AdSense, Amazon, and eBay. As you all know, AdSense is such a fickle mistress, and getting banned for no reason is a common issue with most of the AdSense publishers. You don’t want to wake up one morning and get the email saying “AdSense Account Disabled”, right? Don’t worry now, because Chitika earnings sharing is here!

This leaves us to choose more PPC advertising networks – one of which is Chitika. Chitika Advertising Network is one of the biggest and the best alternatives to Google AdSense and works on the same model i.e. the payments are made on valid clicks. Many publishers even say that Chitika is better than AdSense. So, without wasting much time, let’s learn more about revenue sharing with Chitika. These are the websites that pay us using Chitika advertisements.

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Top 3 Chitika Revenue Sharing Sites

1. Wizzley is a Chitika sharing website is now a Chitika revenue sharing website too. Wizzley announced in 2011 that those publishers who cannot use AdSense or simply want an alternative can now earn money with Chitika on Wizzley. However, the way it works is mutually exclusive – just like Bukisa. You can show either AdSense or Chitika. The base revenue share of Wizzley is 50% but will increase to 55 when you publish 50 articles. The revenue share will increase to 60% when you write 100 articles.

Monetization Options available at Wizzley:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Chitika
  3. Amazon
  4. Zazzle
  5. AllPosters
  6. Viglink (including eBay pre-approval)

Wizzley is a top-notch revenue sharing website and the editor is similar to HubPages and Squidoo. Every article is reviewed by the site owners to ensure only quality content is published. That’s why, Wizzley has a prominent place in search engines results and has been relatively untouched by different Google updates (Panda, Penguin etc.)

2. Seekyt is a Chitika revenue sharing website

Not after a long time the Seekyt admin decided to look for more alternatives to Google AdSense and Amazon Associates program, the website faced a big trouble with AdSense. Reportedly, one of the site users did not notify about violation notification sent by Google AdSense, and the entire site was forced to remove AdSense ads.

This is a good news for some great writers who were not allowed to create AdSense account or wanted an alternative. Seekyt now has built Chitika revenue sharing feature and is working on Infolinks as well. If everything goes well, Seekyt will probably be the first revenue sharing website which has no support for AdSense.

Monetization platforms at Seekyt:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Chitika
  3. Viglink (eBay, Amazon pre-approved)

Update: Writers can now choose between Chitika and Google AdSense. They don’t have to be merged. As of February 2015, Seekyt has a new admin and a new owner. As part of this efforts to give more to writers, he has increased the revenue sharing percentage from 70% to 75%.

As of August 2015, Seekyt has a new owner once again but they don’t seem to be providing revenue sharing via Chitika. The owners have promised 100% AdSense revenue sharing, but the new terms enforced on the site states that the writers cannot delete the articles from the site. We all are waiting for more clarification in this matter. Until then, it is probably best to avoid Seekyt as one of the credible Chitika revenue sharing websites.

3. Honest Reviewz shares 75% Chitika impressions with its authors shares 75% Chitika impressions with its authors

Screenshot from HonestReviewz

Honest Reviewz is a website focused on providing authentic reviews to consumers. Reviewers (writers) can earn 75% of impressions at any time on their articles (the highest of any revenue sharing site). On top of that, there is no maximum limit of how many affiliate links you can use. 300 words of minimum content provide access to 12 affiliate links and every extra link for more 100 words.

Did I fail to mention that 100% of the affiliate earnings goes to you? Yes, the website takes the 25% impressions from AdSense/Chitika/Infolinks only. You can keep the  full commission of what you sell through the links.

Payment Options for Chitika Publishers

Chitika is not a scam. It is 100% genuine and legit. Chitika currently offers 2 payment options:

PayPal: The payment threshold is only $10, so it is quite advantageous as opposed to the $100 of Google AdSense. If you cannot receive payments via PayPal (for example, PayPal is not available in Pakistan and Bangladesh), then choose the check option.

Check: The minimum payment for a check is $50, but you can set it above $50 too. Checks are for those Chitika publishers who cannot receive payment via PayPal or where PayPal is not available.

Video: Chitika Income Payment Proof

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