How children in today’s society are getting worse.


I bet you have heard of some children literally beating on their parents cause they didn’t get exactly what they wanted. Others end up yelling at them, and get angry over something that makes no sense at all. As technology evolved and gotten better, so did the teens. But, technology is only part of the problem here. This article will explain why in the world these type of children are terrible. And it may just make you rethink about having children!

Bad Role Models

Bad rolemodels is one of the things that make up bad children. Some look up to Lil Wayne, or Snoop Dog. When they look up to these people, they start to be more aggressive and try to act gangster and bad. Also, some people want to seem cool, so they abandon the nice life they have, for to be a bad boy, (I have no idea what they try to label themselves.) or even a gangster. Then that is where people sing “bout a week ago”, or even sag their pants.

Wanting Technology

Technology is the 1# thing a kid wants. From phones to video games, some will beg themselves to death just over a electronic that won’t get them anywhere. As of an person that can get really bored when driving a car, I would love to do something whilst driving. However, do you believe that have 8 gadgets that a kid never uses, costs a lot would be a bit extreme? To me, that seems like just wasting money that way. But, phones are the rush nowadays. Used for social media, people talking about others, and tons of texting. Things such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram literally takes them over.

Social Media

As you can see, each section ends up hinting the next one. Social Media is definitely the 1# thing that most teens like. Some are addicted to having tons of people like their photos, and much more they can do with them. They also end up using AOL speak, to say things faster in only a few letters.(lol, omg, etc.) One thing that the teens want from these outlets is likes, followers, friends, and to the point where they can feel as if they are important. (In my point of view, 400 fake friends isn’t really famous.)


Everything I listed in this article is more likely going to stay with us as long as it exists. There may be a new type of technology, and everyone will definitely try to beg for it. The second Virtual Reality comes on, I believe that cyberbullying may just be more physical. I have written an article about this subject, and don’t forget that most teens love to cyberbully people. Making people suicide, some people can actually make a great contribution to society, and when those people aren’t around, how will we advance? Children are hell on earth at this time of the century, but they may just get better once they become adults.

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